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Using the Auctions Schedule
Using the Auctions Schedule

View scheduled auctions and monitor auction activity

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Trustee sales refers to the sale of real property at public auction as part of the non-judicial foreclosure process. Auction schedules in ForeclosureRadar are available in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. With ForeclosureRadar you know exactly what is coming up for auction; as well as when and where that auction will happen.ย 

ForeclosureRadar updates trustee sale information on each property scheduled for auction that day, every 15 minutes, until that sale is cancelled, sold, or postponed. Sales on other days are regularly updated as well. So you can keep current on your laptop or smartphone, updates include the following information:

  • Opening Bids

  • Postponements

  • Cancellations

  • Winning Bids

  • New REOs

  • New Sales

Finding an Auction Schedule for a Specific Day

Get the auction schedule information you need with the Auctions window in ForeclosureRadar, using the following procedures:

To Find an Auction Schedule:

Finding Auctions Schedules example
  1. From the Main Menu, select Auctions; then click the Schedule tab if it's not already selected.

  2. From the County & State menu, select the county and state for which you want to see trustee sales.
    This menu lists states alphabetically, as well as the counties within each state. Scroll down to find the county and state you want.

  3. Click the Date Selection Calendar, and select the date for which you want to see trustee sales.

    After selecting the date you want, the trustee sale properties are displayed in Grid View, Map View, or Split View. Change your display by selecting your preference from the View menu.

You can use the Schedule feature to get additional details about the properties going to trustee sale, for more information see the section below.

Using the Auction Schedule Feature

There are several ways you can get more than just trustee sale information using the Schedule feature in the Auctions window. You can Refresh, Filter, use Auction Type Quick Links, view the Number of Properties, select More Actions, and change the View.

Schedule Features Called Out


Click the Refresh button to update the trustee sale information. Trustee sale information is updated throughout the day.

On the day of sale, ForeclosureRadar updates trustee sale information for every property, every 15 minutes throughout the day, until that sale is cancelled, sold or postponed. Sales on other days are updated regularly as well.


After selecting the date for the Trustee Sale Schedule you want to display, use the Filter menu to view only the properties that meet the selected filter criteria.
The Filter menu options include:

  • Sale Time: select the time for which you want filter the trustee sale schedule results.

  • Sale Location: select the location on which you want to filter trustee sale schedule results.

  • Has Opening Bid: select Yes to display trustee sale schedule results that provide opening bids; or No to display trustee sale schedule results without opening bids.

  • Est Loan Position: from the available options, select the estimated loan position on which you want to filter the trustee sale schedule results.

  • Estimated Value: type a Minimum and Maximum dollar value for which you want to view the trustee sale schedule results. Then, click Apply.

  • Property Type: from the available options, select the Property Type on which you want to filter the trustee sale schedule results.

After making your Filter menu selection, the current results are displayed. Click the Filter menu again to remove the filter from the trustee sale schedule results.

Auction Type Quick Links

Click any of the auction types to view only those properties in the results.

Number of Properties

The number of properties scheduled for trustee sale, for the selected day, in the selected county and state.

More Actions

Using the More Actions menu, you can complete various tasks on either all the properties in the trustee sale schedule, or on the properties you select. The Schedule tab More Actions include:

  • Add to List: Click to add selected records to a Static list.

  • Remove from List: Click to remove selected records from a Static list.

  • Set Interest Level: Click to select the number of stars you want to apply to the List or selected records.

  • Set Status: Click to select a status you want to apply to the selected records. Choose from the following status options:
    None, Screen, Take Photo, Contact Owner, Check Value, Research Title, Submit Offer, Ready to Bid, Listed, Purchased, or Sold.

  • Add Note: Click to type information about the selected record(s) in a Note.

  • Email Report: Click to send information about the selected properties to the email recipients you enter.

  • Print Report: Click to print out the selected report you choose.

View Menu

When you click the View menu in the Auction window, you can choose to view your trustee sale schedule in the Map View, Grid View, or Split View.

Map View Elements

Selecting Map View, displays the properties in your trustee sale schedule in a map of the area. The Map View provides a visual representation of where properties are located. In the upper-left are the Map Tools:

Map Tools

  • Move map to location: click to type a location in the text box where you want to move on the map.

  • Zoom In: click to get a closer view of the property map.

  • Zoom Out: click to get a more distant view of the property map.

  • Current Location: click to move the map to your current device location.

  • Street/Aerial Map View: click to change the type of map displayed.

  • Measure: click to view distances on the map by selecting different points from which to measure.

  • Layers: click to choose either, or both, Heatmap or Boundary layers to display on the map. Click the checkbox, then select the menu item for the layer(s) you want to display.

Individual Properties

Individual properties are represented with an auction type icon for each property.

  • Click an auction type icon to display the Property Info card.

  • You can display the Property Profile if you double-click on the card.

Grid View Elements

After selecting Grid View from the View menu, the properties in the trustee sale schedule are displayed in a spreadsheet format. Using the Grid View, you can easily compare data, as well as easily sort, select, review, and compare individual properties.

There are several ways in which to manage properties using the Grid View, including sorting properties, modifying columns, and selecting records.

Sorting Properties

You can sort properties within the sections of the auction time and place.

  • Click a column heading to sort the list by that column.
    The arrow in the heading indicates the List is sorted according to that column.

  • The arrow direction shows either Ascending or Descending order.

Modifying Columns

Click a column heading menu to modify the following:

  • Select either Sort Ascending or Sort Descending to change to order of properties in the List. You can sort properties within the sections of the auction time and place.

  • Click the Columns menu to select from the available column headings that you can choose to display in your Grid View.

  • Select Reset Columns to return to the default settings.

You can also rearrange columns by dragging and dropping them where you want them arranged in the Grid View.

Split View Elements

When you select to view the Split View of your List, the Map View is displayed above the Grid View. For specific information on those views, see the sections above.

Depending on your subscription, you can also use the Auctions Calendar and the Auctions Workflow features to manage your investment process.

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