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Using the Auctions Calendar
Using the Auctions Calendar

Review Current, Future, and Past Trustee Sales

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You can view currently planned foreclosures, as well as past auction results, using the Auctions Calendar. The Auctions Calendar gives you the opportunity to find properties scheduled for future trustee sale, for the month and in the county, you want. Seeing auctions with this broad view can help you in the development of a master plan. Additionally, by reviewing past sale information, you can easily spot foreclosure trends.

To find a trustee sale schedule for a specific day, use the Auctions Schedule.

Viewing Trustee Sales in the Auction Calendar

See the trustee sales in a county, for the whole month, using the Auctions Calendar:

  1. Select Auctions from the Main menu.
    The Auctions window is displayed.

  2. Click Calendar.
    The monthly calendar is displayed with the currently selected county trustee sale information.

  3. You can change the county from the County selection menu, if needed.

  4. You can change the month from the Month selection options, if needed.

    Auctions Calendar County and Date Selection
  5. You can select links to property details to view more information.
    The number of Active sales are indicated at the top of the date, the links under the Active sales include:
    Postponed, Bank-Owned, 3rd Party Owned, and Cancelled.

    Viewing Trustee Sales and Property Details

Any day that is a scheduled not to have sales in that county, No Sales is displayed in the calendar day, for example:

No Sale Days Example

Once the day had ended, the elements in the day are dimmed, but you can still click the sales links.

Past, Current, and Future Calendar Days Example

The trustee sale of real property at public auction is a part of the non-judicial foreclosure process. Trustee Sale Tracking in PropertyRadar is available in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Find out about the Using the Auctions Workflow, the next feature of Auctions. For additional information about Auctions, refer to Using the Auctions Schedule. Please contact Support for further information.

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