"You gotta see it to believe it!"

Discover is a powerful, fast, and efficient way to process massive amounts of data. How?

Discover takes advantage of your natural ability to recognize patterns visually. 

With Discover, you can…

  1. Explore your market or location visually

  2. Use Lookup and criteria for precise targeting

  3. And Make a List 

Use Discover on your smartphone to make Driving for Dollars (D4D) an amazing and efficient experience.

Discover's Heatmaps & Boundaries

Discover’s heatmaps help you validate that certain attributes and characteristics are present or not. 

Heatmaps and Boundaries are drop-down menus from the top application bar and includes 23 heatmaps and five boundaries. 

Heatmaps included: 

Property: Property Type, Square Footage, Year Built

Values: Estimated Value, Estimated Equity, Assessed Value, Debt, Estimated Value / Sq Ft, Assessed To Estimated Value, Estimated Tax Rate

Transactions: Turnover, Sales, For Sale, Foreclosures

Owner: Ownership (Owner occupied, Owner in county, Owner out of county but in state, and Owner out of state). Vacancy, Ownership Type, Owner Age, Owner Gender, Children Present, Owner Education, Owner Income, Business Owner

Boundaries Included: 

Municipalities, Zip Codes, Counties, Tracts, Block Groups

Draw Tools

Hyperlocal marketing starts with a location. To change your location, click Location set your state, and then choose from the many location options. 

Use draw tools to focus on a specific location. 

Add Criteria in Discover

Quick Lists are the most popular lists that smart local businesses use to get started. Start with a Quicklist for your specific business type. 

Quick lists include: Investor, Realtor, Home Services, Property Management, Mortgage, Financial Advisors, Attorneys, Insurance, Moving and Storage, Nonprofits, Fitness and Gyms, Health and Medical, Beauty and Spa, Food and Beverage, Retail, Political Campaigns, and Automotive

Once you've chosen a Quicklist choose from over 200 criteria to refine your list and make it more targeted. 

List Management

Once you have added all the criteria that you need for your List, click the green Make List button. 

Make as many lists as you want or need. 

View all of your lists by going to the main menu and selecting My Lists. 

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