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Important Message Regarding Teams! - July 13, 2020
Important Message Regarding Teams! - July 13, 2020

Message to all Team Owners

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You are receiving this message because you are the owner of a team.

PropertyRadar moved to use industry-standard team management and billing with release 3.12, on June 12, 2020. The big change is that we’ve switched from billing users to billing teams. This is a change that many of you have been asking us for, for a long time and now it’s finally here!

What you need to know (details below):

  1. Do you no longer use your team? Don't worry about this.

  2. Do you use your personal and team accounts, but only want to pay for one? Use migrate to merge your accounts.

  3. Do you only use your team account? Add a credit card to your team account, and cancel your personal account(s).

  4. Confused and want help? Schedule a call with support.

What changed:

Previously each team member paid for their subscription individually. Now, the entire team is billed together as a single account, and each account is billed separately. What this means for you is that if your team members want to have both a personal account and access to your team account, each account must have its own subscription. Same for users on multiple teams, each team will be billed separately for each user on that team.

For most of you, this will be a welcome change, as you can now pay for your entire team on a single bill. Plus if you remove a team member, their remaining time will be prorated and credited back to your account. So much easier. And adding team members is now less expensive than adding full accounts (on our new national packages), so you’ll save money, too!

For the very few of you who have created multiple teams, or have teams with members that pay for themselves, you’ll have some decisions to make. To help, we now have the ability to merge teams, so you can consolidate your teams to avoid extra costs.

The timeline:

Either way, you have some time to figure this out. We won’t begin billing for teams until October 1, 2020, and even then only after the remainder of the time for which your team members have already paid. In the meantime, your team(s) will receive free Pro subscriptions. For those who want to consolidate billing and take advantage of the lower pricing for team members sooner, you can do that as soon as you’d like. (Contact support to learn more about the new national package pricing.)

Before the end of the free team subscription, you’ll need to add a payment method (and adjust your subscription if desired) to continue uninterrupted access. If you don’t add a payment method before that date, then your team’s subscription will be canceled. Your personal account’s subscription and those of your members will continue uninterrupted. To regain access to those canceled teams, you can simply add a payment method to start a new subscription for that team account.

While we will continue to credit any remaining time from your members' personal subscriptions to your team account through October 1, 2020, they will be billed separately after that date. As such we recommend canceling your members' personal subscriptions before then to avoid double billing. Unless of course you, or they, want to keep both.

If you want to consolidate your teams or personal accounts, you can migrate data from one account into another. To do that, use our “Migrate Data” tool to move stored data from your team account to your personal account or vice versa. Learn more here:

This is a big change. We’ve worked hard to make it as seamless as possible, but unfortunately, it does require some of your time to complete. We are here and ready to help you through it. If you just have a quick question please Contact Us (reply to this message or start a new chat), or Schedule a Call and we’d be happy to walk you through it.

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