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PropertyRadar 2021 Product Release Notes
PropertyRadar 2021 Product Release Notes

Product Updates, New Features, Fixes and Known Issues for PropertyRadar Web and Mobile Apps

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PropertyRadar 4.3 Tax Delinquency, Monitoring, Unlimited Lists, Actions & Export fields (June 14, 2021)


We've just released version 4.3!

The Five Things You MUST Know:

  1. We have added TAX DELINQUENCY data!

  2. We have RADICALLY improved Discover

  3. You can now save and export BIG lists

  4. Some export field names have CHANGED

  5. This release is only for our National Platform. Our Legacy 5-State Platform is unchanged.

Founder & CEO Sean O'Toole's Take on the 4.3 Release


We’re really excited to introduce a number of new features and enhancements to PropertyRadar that will help you be more successful and improve your overall experience. As always, these are based on your feedback and suggestions - we couldn't do it without you.

New Tax Delinquency Data

We’ve added tax delinquency data for the majority of counties in the US. This is among the most requested data we have been asked for and is our first new data set since launching nationally. Like foreclosure, it is a clear sign of distress and a great source of home and property owners that need your help. See if we have tax data for your county here. This is a premium data set only available to Complete and Complete Track subscribers.

You can search for delinquent properties by Delinquent Status, Years Delinquent and Amount Delinquent.

We've also added new payment status and delinquency fields to the Property & Owner Profile including: Tax Payment installments and status, Delinquent Since year, Delinquent Amount, and Number of Missed Payments.

While this data is updated regularly, those buying at trustee sales should still get the latest payment status directly from the county assessor before bidding. We offer links to the county assessor in the profile page.

Unlimited Search Results in Discover

  • You'll now start seeing results as soon as you enter any criteria in the Grid, Split and Card View, with the Map still capable of showing an incredible 10,000 properties.

  • No need to make a list, you can take up to 15 different actions on your results, including export - all without making a list.

Now you can make Big, Unlimited, Audacious Lists

  • We've removed the 10,000 property limit so you can now make a list any size you want.

  • We still believe small lists are better lists. The smaller niche you target, the better you can differentiate your marketing from the competition, and the better chance you'll have of connecting with those owners to drive results. But who are we to limit you. 😁

  • In Discover you can now use any Dynamic List, no matter how big, as your starting criteria for another list using the new "Criteria from My Lists" option in the criteria menu. Create a list of your entire market area, then easily create niche segments for particular marketing campaigns using that list as your starting point.

Improved Discover and Lookup

Getting results and using search criteria just got a whole lot easier and faster thanks to improvements we've made to Discover and Lookup:

  • Popular search criteria in Discover now take fewer click to find and add.

  • Like your search or lookup results? You can now take 15 different actions on those results, including export - all without making a list.

  • Foreclosure Fields are now available in grid view results so you can easily see the foreclosure data you need.

  • The "Basic Type" and "Advanced Property Type" criteria options in Discover have been combined into a single "Property Type" checkbox criteria widget so you can find and select the criteria you want with fewer clicks.

Monitoring, Insights, Alerts and Automations now optional

  • Monitoring for lists is now optional. Monitored lists are a powerful feature that every other vendor charges extra for. We include monitored properties free with every plan and offer upgrades to add more. As before, monitoring remains available only for lists with 10,000 properties or fewer, though you can monitor more properties across lists depending on your plan and upgrades.

  • We've added a "new since" filter to all monitored lists so you can see exactly which properties have been added to your list since you, or a member of your team, last viewed it.

Export Enhancements

  • The entire export process has been consolidated to give you the same, reliable results with half the clicks and less confusion.

  • Large exports now run in the background so you don’t have to wait! We will send you a link to your email once your export is ready to be downloaded from within your profile.

  • See your remaining included monthly exports to better manage your export usage and avoid overages.

  • New export fields including URLs to open the property in PropertyRadar and view the 1st Photo, as well as whether or not the property is Tax Delinquent.

  • Important Note: Some export field names are changing. Any processes that rely on those field names may need to be modified. Learn more.

Manage is now Actions - with more options!

Want something not offered in our base plans? Add-ons are a great way to customize your plan to fit your needs:

  • The "Manage" button (the one with the Star) has been replaced with a "More Actions" menu button. If offers so much more and it looks like this:

  • Manage offers up to 15 different actions you can take on results in Lookup, Discover and List View. These actions work on all results if no records are selected, or just the records you have selected.

  • Note that a number of items that used to have their own button have been moved into More Actions, including printing and emailing reports.

Bug Fixes & Other Enhancements

We've squashed dozens of bugs and made lots of other minor enhancements. You'll find a complete list in our full release notes in the Help Center.

Thank You!

PropertyRadar 4.2 Search, Maps, Quick Lists & More (March 18, 2021)

We love your feedback and heard you loud and clear! 📣

  • We’ve made it easier to add Criteria.

  • We moved “Find a Criteria” to the bottom of the Search panel. With over 200 criteria, we made it easy to find the criteria you’re looking for.

  • Added breadcrumb navigation, so you’ll never guess where you are in Criteria.

  • Need to start a fresh search? Use the new “Clear Criteria” link.

  • Buttons are always in the same location.

  • You can add multiple of the same criteria without waiting for a server response.

  • The update button no longer scrolls off the page.

In our next release, we’re going to reduce the number of clicks to get to your criteria and more…

Do you know the easiest way to search for properties? 🔍

We renamed Criteria, it is now Search (because that is what are doing). Find what you’re looking for faster! 🏃‍♀️

We added the following features to make searching for properties a snap:

  • We relocated Find a Criteria to the bottom of the Search panel. PropertyRadar contains over 200 criteria you can use to build the ultimate list, so we made it easy to find the criteria you’re looking for, especially uncommon criteria nested deeper in the criteria tree. The find criteria field allows you to enter a keyword to find those criteria more easily.

  • Quickly add Counties, Cities, and ZIP Codes to Search to get the results you’re looking for.

  • We’ve also made it easier to use Search Criteria by adding indicators to show you which items are criteria groups containing additional detail levels. You’ll also see we added breadcrumb navigation so you can always see where you are in the Search Criteria

  • Did you screw it up or don't like what you see? 😳 It's now easy to start over by clicking the Clear Criteria link.

  • We also included Add/Update buttons, so criteria aren’t mistakenly added to your Search.

Map Views 🗺️

Map views now include clusters indicating the number of properties within the selected view. As you zoom in, the clusters will become more granular until you reach selectable property boundaries. You can also quickly recenter the map using the Locate on Map button.​

Look out! I see Zombies 🧟‍♂️

We’ve added Tired Landlords and Zombie Properties to our Quick Lists. You can find them under the Investor criteria in Discover.

Fancy Icons 🙉 🙈 🙊

We’ve added Static List and Dynamic List icons to clarify which type of list you want to create.

Custom plans just got a whole lot better! 💰

UNLIMITED LISTS: List Expansion Add-Ons are now available so you can build the plan to best suit your needs. Each Add-On provides you with an additional 10,000 properties to your properties across all of your lists. Contact Support for details & pricing.

For even more details on this release, CLICK HERE.

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