PropertyRadar 4.2 Search, Maps, Quick Lists & More (March 18, 2021)

We love your feedback and heard you loud and clear! 📣

  • We’ve made it easier to add Criteria.

  • We moved “Find a Criteria” to the bottom of the Search panel. With over 200 criteria, we made it easy to find the criteria you’re looking for.

  • Added breadcrumb navigation, so you’ll never guess where you are in Criteria.

  • Need to start a fresh search? Use the new “Clear Criteria” link.

  • Buttons are always in the same location.

  • You can add multiple of the same criteria without waiting for a server response.

  • The update button no longer scrolls off the page.

In our next release, we’re going to reduce the number of clicks to get to your criteria and more…

Do you know the easiest way to search for properties? 🔍

We renamed Criteria, it is now Search (because that is what are doing). Find what you’re looking for faster! 🏃‍♀️

We added the following features to make searching for properties a snap:

  • We relocated Find a Criteria to the bottom of the Search panel. PropertyRadar contains over 200 criteria you can use to build the ultimate list, so we made it easy to find the criteria you’re looking for, especially uncommon criteria nested deeper in the criteria tree. The find criteria field allows you to enter a keyword to find those criteria more easily.

  • Quickly add Counties, Cities, and ZIP Codes to Search to get the results you’re looking for.

  • We’ve also made it easier to use Search Criteria by adding indicators to show you which items are criteria groups containing additional detail levels. You’ll also see we added breadcrumb navigation so you can always see where you are in the Search Criteria

  • Did you screw it up or don't like what you see? 😳 It's now easy to start over by clicking the Clear Criteria link.

  • We also included Add/Update buttons, so criteria aren’t mistakenly added to your Search.

Map Views 🗺️

Map views now include clusters indicating the number of properties within the selected view. As you zoom in, the clusters will become more granular until you reach selectable property boundaries. You can also quickly recenter the map using the Locate on Map button.​

Look out! I see Zombies 🧟‍♂️

We’ve added Tired Landlords and Zombie Properties to our Quick Lists. You can find them under the Investor criteria in Discover.

Fancy Icons 🙉 🙈 🙊

We’ve added Static List and Dynamic List icons to clarify which type of list you want to create.

Custom plans just got a whole lot better! 💰

UNLIMITED LISTS: List Expansion Add-Ons are now available so you can build the plan to best suit your needs. Each Add-On provides you with an additional 10,000 properties to your properties across all of your lists. Contact Support for details & pricing.

For even more details on this release, CLICK HERE.

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