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Searching for Foreclosures Using Discover
Searching for Foreclosures Using Discover

Discover is faster and more powerful

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Watch the video How to Do a Foreclosure Search in Discover for an overview of finding foreclosures in Discover using the PropertyRadar:

The Quick Start instructions below show how you can find foreclosures in just a few steps. For more detailed information, review the Searching for Foreclosures in Discover section after the Quick Start.

Quick Start

To find foreclosures, you only need to add one criteria. Click the Main menu, in the upper left corner, to select Discover.

Using the Search panel in Discover, Foreclosure Search is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. From the Search for Properties panel, select Foreclosure.

  2. In the Foreclosure panel, select In Foreclosure.

  3. Select Yes from the In Foreclosure menu, and click Update Criteria.
    The foreclosures are displayed in your List view.

    Foreclosure Search Using Discover

That's it, you've got foreclosure search results!

Of course, that's just the beginning. Next you can:

Searching for Foreclosures in Discover

Foreclosure Search provides the results you need.

To search for foreclosures, use the following steps:

  1. From the Main menu, select Discover; then click the Search button.

  2. Click Foreclosure to view the Foreclosure criteria available.

    Foreclosure Search Criteria Call Outs
  3. From the list of Foreclosure criteria, click Foreclosure Stage.

    Click Foreclosure Stage image

    The Foreclosure Stage criteria is displayed, and all of the Active Foreclosure stages are automatically selected. You can select the stages you want.

  4. Click the Add Criteria button.
    Your selected criteria is added to the Criteria Selection box in Discover, and the properties are shown in your List view.
    Notice this returns every foreclosure fitting the search parameters, there is no limit of 500 properties.

    Enter a Location in Discover

It's as easy as that to see foreclosure search results for your last searched state. Next, you can begin to define other criteria (like Location) to narrow the results. You can also display your results the way you want.

Defining Search Criteria

The Search for Properties panel is where you define your Search Criteria. Review the following image for an understanding of using the Search for Properties panel:

Search for Properties Panel

Search for Properties Panel with Call Outs

After selecting a Search Criteria, the panel for that Search Criteria is displayed. In that panel you can either add your selected criteria, or some panels may have further Search Criteria panels. Click on the breadcrumb links to navigate through the Search Criteria panels. Review the following image to get a general understanding of using the Search Criteria panels:

Navigating Through and Selecting Search Criteria

After searching for foreclosures in Discover, you can narrow your results by adding criteria for your business needs. For example, add a Location (like you would in Foreclosure Search). We give you a few options to make it easy:

To Add a Location:

  • Enter City, County or ZIP Code textbox:
    Type a location, and select from auto-fill options.

    Add a Location Using the Textbox, or by Selecting Criteria
  • Or, click the Location criteria menu (called out in the image above) to open the Location panel where you can add criteria to define your results.
    Review the following image to get an understanding of using the Location criteria panel:

    Location Search Criteria Panel

    Discover is updated to reflect the search criteria you add or remove. As you define your search criteria, the number of properties will change in the List view.

    Discover Displays Results of Search Criteria Selections

Using the Search for Properties panel, you can begin to define other criteria, like other foreclosure criteria such as Lis Pendens Type, Foreclosing Loan Position, or Sale Date.

To quickly Find a Criteria, type criteria keyword(s) in the textbox at the bottom of the Search for Properties panel.

You can keep your Foreclosure Search to use again by clicking Make a List.

Displaying Your Results

There are several ways in which you can change how your foreclosure search results are displayed:

  • Select the View menu to change how results are shown in Discover. You can choose from Map View, Grid View, Card View, and Split View.

  • The columns shown in the Grid View and Split View can be changed. Mouse-over a column heading, then click on the arrow to choose how you want to modify your columns:
    - Sort columns in Ascending or Descending order.
    - Add or remove columns by selecting checkboxes for the columns you want shown. Scroll up and down to view and select Columns options.
    - Reset columns to revert to original settings.

  • Drag columns to where you want them in the Grid View. Click on a column heading, then drag and drop it where you want between the other column headings.


To get more information about using Discover, review Discover a List of Potential Customers. Or, find the Help Center article that you need.

And, remember, our Customer Support team is available to help answer any questions you may have.

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