Using Discover, you identify potential customers and organize them into Lists for your business needs. You create Lists by choosing options in the Layers and Criteria side-panels. 

To Find Potential Customers:

  1. From the Main Menu, select Discover.
    The Discover toolbar provides ways to narrow your results including: Layers, Criteria, View, Share, and Manage. 
  2. Layers allow you to see the entire market, and find business opportunities. Layers are optional selections that are overlaid on the Map View. Zoom in and out on the map to get a "bird's eye" view of the market.
    - Select the Heatmap box, and choose from the list of options to overlay the indicated characteristics of the property on the map. For example, select Est. Value to see the area's residential properties shaded by the estimated property value.
    - Select a Boundary for the Layer, if you want. Choose from Municipalities, Zip Codes, Counties, Tracts, or Block Groups. Lines are drawn on the map for the boundary you choose.
  3. Select Criteria from the Discover toolbar.
    Narrow the results by choosing the criteria that defines the customers you're looking for.
    - Select a location to search on the map using the Draw Tools; you can draw a polygon, box, set a radius around a point, or use the entire map. Note: You can also select Location criteria using the Address or Other categories.
     - Choose a Quick List that automatically sets the criteria for the market in which you're interested. You can modify Quick Lists for your needs.
    - You can also choose Criteria individually.
    - Use Find Criteria to quickly look for any of our 200+ criteria.
    - As you select criteria, the number of properties shown in the Discover toolbar changes.
    - Remove criteria you don't want by clicking the X in the Criteria selection box.
  4. Review the results of your criteria selections in either Map View, Grid View, Card, View, or Split View.
    - When criteria is added, the number of properties is shown in the Discovery toolbar. If your selection is too large for a list, the records count is shown in red. Adding criteria narrows down the number of records, and once your selections are smaller than the maximum list size allowed in your subscription package, the records count is shown in green.
    - Click on a record, or on any other property on the map, to view detailed property/owner information.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the Criteria you select, click Make List.
    - Type the name of your new List, and click Create. 

Your new list is created, then displayed in the main window. You can also find your new list in My Lists, where you can find Insights into your list, create marketing campaigns to Connect with the people in your list, view your list, and setup alerts and automations.
For further information see Viewing and Managing Properties in a List, and Viewing and Managing Lists.

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