Managing Team Accounts

Share data with multiple account members

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PropertyRadar provides subscription plans that support teams, allowing you to share access to your account with multiple people. Contact Customer Support for information, or if you are seeing an error message asking you to upgrade.

Learn more about using the Team features:


For each new user you add to your account, your account will be charged either $50/month or $500/year. Initially your default payment method will be charged a pro-rated amount for the time until your next billing date. From that point forward, the cost(s) will be included in your general subscription payment.

If you remove a user from your team, your team account will receive a pro-rated credit for the time remaining until your next billing date. This credit will be applied to a future subscription payment (which is different than a purchase). That means if you add a new user, the credit will be applied. If you don't use the credit before your next bill date, it will be applied to that subscription bill.


Account members can be assigned one of 3 different roles: Owner, Admin, or Member. Permissions vary by role. Review the permission information below for:

Member Permissions

Members can access purchased and saved data in the account. Members cannot access or make changes to billing, team membership, or automations.

Admin and Owner Permissions

Users in both Admin and Owner roles have the following permissions in the account:

  • Viewing, adding, and removing team members.

  • Changing the subscription package.

  • Adding to the Purchases account balance, and changing the auto-recharge settings.

  • Updating the default payment method.

  • Creating new automations for lists.

Owner-Only Permissions

Only users in the role of account Owner can perform the following tasks:

  • Reassign ownership of the account.
    Keep in mind there can only be one Owner, so once this role is reassigned, the original Owner will become an Admin.

  • Migrate data from one account to another.
    You must be the Owner of both accounts to do this. (Learn More)

  • Restart a cancelled account.

Adding an Account Member

Inviting someone to your account gives them access to all of your data, and will add them to your subscription. By adding an account member, you will be billed accordingly.

To invite a member, use the steps in Add Members to Your Account section of the Managing Account Settings article.

Invite Not Received

If, after sending the invitation to join the account, the member doesn't receive an email, check to ensure you entered the email address correctly.

You can resend the invite by from the Account Members section of the Account Settings window:

  • Click Resend invite next to the invited account member.

You can also change the member Role on the account in this section, as well as cancel the invite.

Cancel Invite

If you no longer want to invite someone to your team, you can cancel the invite from the Account Members section of the Account Settings window.

  • Click Cancel invite next to the invited account member.

Although the invitation will still have been sent, access will no longer be valid and they will not have access to the account.

Removing an Account Member

Removing a member from your team revokes their access to the account, and will remove them from your subscription costs. You will receive a pro-rated credit for the remainder of time left for that account member until the next billing date.

To Remove an Account Member:

  1. From the Account Settings menu, select Account Settings.

    The Account Settings window is displayed.

  2. In the Account Members section, click Remove next to the member you want to remove from the account.

    Remove an Account Member

    The Remove Account Member window is displayed.

  3. Confirm that you do not want the member to have access to the account by clicking the Remove button.
    The Account Member is then removed from the account.

If you want to add a user back on the account, simply invite them again.

Managing Multiple Teams

Users can belong to any number of PropertyRadar accounts, but each account will be charged for each user as a part of the subscription.

To view the teams of which you are a member, select Account Settings > My Profile.

To change the account you are logged into, select the Account Settings menu. From the Logged in as menu, select the account you want to open.

When you login to PropertyRadar, you will open the most recently used account by default.

Depending on your role and account status, you may see actions you can take to update and manage your teams.

Creating a New Account

PropertyRadar users can create and belong to multiple accounts. In creating a new account, a new subscription is created.

To create a new account:

  1. From the Account Settings menu, select Account Settings.

  2. In the My Accounts section, click Create New Account.

  3. Complete at least the required fields about your new account, then click Continue.

    Complete the Account Information to Create Your New Account

    The next Create New Account window is displayed.

  4. Select a subscription package and billing period, provide your payment information, then click Purchase.

    Create and Purchase a New Account

    Your new account is created and available for use.

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