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PropertyRadar 4.9 Release Notes
PropertyRadar 4.9 Release Notes

New Features and Updates

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The PropertyRadar 4.9 release includes the following updates.

Review the details outlined below, to find out all about these changes.

New Property Profile

Find important property and owner details more quickly with the new Property Profile. Updates to the layout of the Property Profile in the 4.9 Release include:

  • Overview Panel - Access Property, Value, and Contacts details in the Overview panel.

  • Data Tabs - Data tabs are now located below the Overview panel, so you can quickly find the information you need.

  • Current Owner Transaction History - View only the current owner's transaction history, or the entire transaction history, in one place.

Easily view all of your opportunities at the same time.

Tired of being logged out when you open another PropertyRadar tab? Now you can open as many tabs as you need! View and compare multiple properties, build multiple lists at once, and more.

Access hidden contacts for LLC's, corporations, or trusts.

It’s challenging to find contact information for properties owned by corporate entities or trusts - in 4.9 we’ve done the research for you. We now provide contact information for authorized representatives or signatories behind LLC's, corporations, and trusts.

Topography and structures changes in the Map View.

We added two new Map View layers to help you understand the physical characteristics of a parcel, and visualize your next project. So now, if you've found the perfect property, you can see if you can build on it!

📍Topography layer shows contour lines, elevation, and terrain.

📍Structures layer shows boundary lines for each structure on a parcel.

Create mailing lists quickly.

Do you have Just Listed or Just Sold mailers to send? With the new Neighbor Options, you can quickly create a customized list of neighboring properties around your listing, or any property you select.

  • Access Neighborhood Options in the Property Profile
    Find Neighborhood Options in the Neighborhood tab of the Property Profile.

  • Set Neighbor Options filters to customize your list
    Select filters to include only properties that are on the same street, on the same side of the street, or in the same subdivision as your listing.

Automate Imports with the Import API and Zapier

Streamline your import process using the PropertyRadar Import API. Enhance your information automatically by importing your contacts from your software directly into PropertyRadar.

You can then add a Zap, and automatically export the data back to your internal CRM.

Properties Selected Breakout Display

When viewing a list of properties, you can now see the total number of results, how many have been filtered, and how many you have selected.

Other Release Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Streamlined Actions Menus

Complete the actions you want in more places. You now have access to more Action options, in more places throughout the platform.

Enhanced Comparables

Get all of the comps you need to make decisions. We updated our algorithm to increase comparable results, and to ensure the best comps are returned with every property.

Interest Level

You can now find the Interest Level below the Property photo, at the top-left of a Property Profile.

Other Heatmap Changes

  • The Turnover heatmap has been renamed to Years Owned.

  • The Business Owner map layer was removed.

Sale Place Linked

The search criteria Sale Place (found under Search < Foreclosure < Notice of Sale) is now either:

  • a link to Google Maps for locations, or

  • for web based auctions, it links to the website

My Lists Panel in the Property Profile

Easily see in which List(s) a property is included.

Circulating Through Large Lists in the Property Profile

In Lists with more than 500,000 properties, the previous and next buttons will not work when going from the first property to the last in the list, or from the last property to the first.

Deleting an Added Social Link

When deleting a user added social link, it will no longer appear as deleted in the edit screen.

Bulk Phone/Email Purchases in a List

List views will now correctly refresh after bulk phone/email purchases.

Since Filters

Since filters now work correctly in all time zones.

WAVV Updates

  • Activities for WAVV voicemail are now created.

  • WAVV bulk actions now work when there is a 'New Since' filter active.

List Voicemail Filter

The Most Recent voicemail filter in List Views now works.

List View Updates

  • List view contents are no longer cached. If there is an error opening a list, the contents of a previously viewed list will no longer display.

  • Improved how List View reports are rendered. All default columns will now display without being cut off.

  • Double clicking a property in a List Grid View will no longer remove any existing selections.

Mail Merge

Property selections will now be used when using Mail Merge.


  • Reports now work in Discover after columns are sorted.

  • Limits have been added to reports which fail when too many properties are selected.

Skip Trace Links

For better matching, Zaba Skip Trace links will now include the State.

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