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Using the PropertyRadar Import API
Using the PropertyRadar Import API

Import and Search via the API

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PropertyRadar offers the most powerful property and owner data API ever. Access our full 250+ property search criteria, build lists, get owner information, append phones & emails, set up automations, and much more.

Note that the PropertyRadar API is intended for end-users only - you can not use it to build applications you sell to others. That said, we offer OAuth, so partner applications can access the API on behalf of our shared customers. Please contact us to learn more about our partner programs.


The base API URL for read and write operations is:  

All API requests must use HTTPS in order to use this API Import URL.


The API uses JSON-encoded as UTF-8. The Content-Type header should be set to application/JSON. The body of responses is always a JSON object, and the content type is always application/JSON.


You can implement Authorization using either Tokens, or OAuth2.

  • Token - customer, long string of char, used to login w/o login & password

  • OAuth - partner, uses partner product, customer types in login & password with your partner product. We then give a token to the partner.


The API Authorization is done using API Tokens. The token for your account will be displayed right after you create a list with source API. After creating an Import List, you can find the API Tokens under the List settings for that import list.


We also offer OAuth to allow partners to access our customer's accounts on their behalf.

To call our API you must provide API Authorization implementing the OAuth2.0 protocol using the token provided as a bearer token.

The header should be set to the following:

"Authorization": Bearer {{Token}}

For more information on how to make and return API calls, visit:

Resources to assist in development:

Some considerations for implementing the API

While on the API trial, nothing else on your plan will be affected:

  • Export overages will still cost the same, based on your subscription plan

  • Importing through the API to a list will continue to incur the same overages

  • Unlocking Phones and/or Email still cost the same for overages

  • Every time you have property data returned, it counts as an Export.

If you search and have 3 properties returned, each of those properties that you pull data from would be an export. Be sure to check the returned records counts before exporting data -- If you accidentally return a list of 10,000 records then that will count toward your monthly export quota and can not be refunded.

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