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Integrations allow connections from PropertyRadar to and from other services and applications. We currently support two types of integrations:

  1. Partner integrations, which are created using that partner’s software, like Zapier.

  2. Custom integrations currently includes webhooks, which allow you to send data from PropertyRadar to a website you host and manage; and our public API, which allows you to access our publicly available API (application programming interface). Both require you to write custom software.

Depending on your subscription, you may have access to an API Access Token, and additional Integrations.

Partner Integrations

PropertyRadar provides you with the ability to use tools to make tasks easier. You can either use Zapier, or directly with applications to integrate with PropertyRadar.

Custom Integrations

You can write custom software to use in conjunction with PropertyRadar webhooks. The Integrations & API section of the Account Settings window provides additional information.

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