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Using Zapier with PropertyRadar
Using Zapier with PropertyRadar

Automate marketing, workflows, and repetitive tasks

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Zapier uses custom workflows to automatically move information from PropertyRadar to the business tools you use everyday. There are thousands of apps you can use to connect with your PropertyRadar owner and property lists. For example, with Zapier you don't have to code to pair PropertyRadar with other app services like spreadsheets, CRMs, project management, printing, automation, and more.

To use Zapier with PropertyRadar, you must have a Complete Legacy, Solo, Team, or Business subscription plans; Zapier integration is unavailable during the PropertyRadar free trial.

You will also need to sign up for a Zapier account (there are free & other plans). To find out if the app you need is available, see a full list of apps you can use to automate your work with Zapier.

How It Works

Integration is made easy in both PropertyRadar and Zapier; you will use both these tools to setup the automations you want.

Using PropertyRadar, you'll first need to make a list of properties and property owners. With the list you create, you will create a Zap to set up triggers to perform an action on the list.

Next, use Zapier to Create a Zap. In the background, each Zap has one app as the Trigger, where your information comes from and which causes one or more Actions in other apps, where your data gets sent automatically. In our case, PropertyRadar is the trigger, and you set the actions in Zapier by creating a Zap.

Note: In Zapier, a task is counted every time a Zap successfully moves data or takes action for you. Trigger steps do not count as tasks, but successful action step do count as tasks. Review your Zapier subscription, for the tasks available in your plan.

From My Lists in PropertyRadar, you can select Automations, where you can see if the list has an active integration with Zapier. In the Manage section of Automations settings, you can add phone and email to your Zap by selecting the checkbox(es) for the contact information you want appended to your Zap.

Using the Actions (...) menu, you can select Export to Zapier to manually export records from PropertyRadar to a Zap you've already created.

Create a Zap

To automate your business process, you create a Zap in Zapier.

To create a Zap:

  1. Log in to your Zapier account, and click Create Zap.
    In the window displayed, you will set up the trigger by selecting the App Event.

    Selecting PropertyRadar as an App Event in Zapier
  2. In the Search apps... textbox, type PropertyRadar; then below, select PropertyRadar as the trigger.
    The next window shows PropertyRadar as the app.

    Steps in setting up a PropertyRadar Trigger in Zapier
  3. From the Choose app & event menu, select the Property Update National Trigger Event; then click Continue.

  4. Select your PropertyRadar account from the Choose account menu. You may need to log in where indicated. Then, click Continue.

  5. Set up the trigger by typing a Trigger Name in the Enter text... textbox; then from the List(s) to Link menu, select the list in PropertyRadar you want to watch for property updates. Click Continue.

    Name the trigger, and link the trigger to a List in PropertyRadar
  6. Test your trigger by clicking Test trigger.
    After the test data is provided click Continue.

  7. Now you will set an action for the Zap. Type the name of the app you want to use in the Search apps... textbox, or click an app below the textbox to use with the PropertyRadar list data.

  8. Select the Action Event from the Choose an event menu. Then, click Continue.
    The options will vary depending on the app you selected in the step above.

  9. Select your account for the action you are setting up from the Choose an account menu, then click Continue.
    For example, if you're connecting to Google Sheets, select your Google account.

  10. Set up an action for the event by selecting where you want the data to be sent.
    The data fields to be used in the Zap will be displayed, to indicate the mapped fields between PropertyRadar and the selected app.

  11. Select the PropertyRadar data fields from the available menu(s) that you want mapped to the fields you selected for your Zap. Click Continue.

    Setting up an Action in Zapier using PropertyRadar data
  12. Test your action by clicking Test & Review.

  13. Click Turn on Zap to begin getting updates from PropertyRadar to your Zap.
    You can check for updates manually; or for example, you can set up another Zap to send you an SMS when updates occur.

Detailed information about the PropertyRadar data fields available in Zapier integrations, as well as the PropertyRadar trigger types, and values and attributes is available.

Manual Export To Zapier

You can export records manually from PropertyRadar to Zapier. Using the Actions (...) menus throughout PropertyRadar, you can select Export to Zapier to send records from PropertyRadar to a Zap you've already created.

The Actions menu provides the ability to Export to Zapier

To Manually Export To Zapier:

  1. From the Destination Zap menu, select the Zap where you want to export the selected records.

    Destination Zap and Append Phone and/or Email for Export to Zapier
  2. Select the checkboxes (if needed) for email and/or phone appended to your export for the specified amount(s) for each record.

  3. Click Continue.
    The Export Summary displays the number of records being exported to Zapier.

  4. If the export is correct, click Continue.
    Otherwise, click Back or Cancel if you do not want to continue with your export.

  5. In the final Export To Zapier window, if you are satisfied with your selections to export to Zapier, click Purchase.
    Your selected records are sent to your Destination Zap.

Terms of Using PropertyRadar with Zapier

Property and owner record data sent to an app using a Zapier integration counts as an export in PropertyRadar. A record exported to Zapier counts against the monthly exports included in your PropertyRadar subscription. You can purchase additional exports, or set up a Custom plan for additional discounted exports, by contacting Customer Support.

PropertyRadar subscribers can purchase append phone numbers and email addresses for use with Zapier integrations. Fees for purchasing email addresses and phone numbers will apply.


Using Zapier you are limited to the fixed fields available to export, with PropertyRadar you can choose which fields to export.

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