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Designing your templates for Direct Mail
Designing your templates for Direct Mail

Create and design customized templates for your Direct Mail using our editor tool

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Designing your own Direct Mail Templates

If you're already an expert at creating your own marketing templates, designing your own template might be how you want to go. Our editor tool allows you to create and design your own templates to be sent to whom you wish to market.

These instructions serve as your roadmap to fashioning a visually appealing postcard that encapsulates the essence of your message. Experimenting with diverse layouts, colors, and typography helps you forge a distinct postcard template that grabs your attention.

Select a Template

The first step in setting up a Direct Mail campaign is to choose and design a template. Select either Design a New Template or Get a Template from the Marketplace to begin the template design process.

  1. From My Lists, open the List you want to use for your campaign.

  2. In the Actions menu for the List, select the Direct Mail option. The Direct Mail Template window is displayed.

    Direct Mail: Template Window

  3. In the Direct Mail Template window, add a template you can edit for your campaign by selecting either Design a New Template or Get a Template from the Marketplace.

  4. From My Template Library, click the Edit Template button in the upper-right corner of the template you want to use.
    The online editor window is displayed.

  5. Use the Design and Edit Your Template steps to create your campaign materials in the online editor.

Tips for using the Editor Tool

  • Add an image: Use the Shapes feature and add a shape to the template. After you've added the shape you want for your image, use the Images tool, choose an image, and drag and drop it into the shape.

  • Cropping: If your logo or image requires cropping within a shape, double-click the image within the shape, and you can crop the image how you wish.

Design and Edit Your Template

Using either a new or existing template, the online editor window allows you to add Images, Shapes, and Text to both the front and back sides of the template.

  1. Select the template you want to edit after selecting to Design a New Template or Get a Template from the Marketplace.
    A selected template is shown with a blue line around the template.

  2. Click the Edit Template button to open the online editor window:

    Depending on your marketing needs, you can add a variety of Images, Shapes, or Text to either the front or back of the postcard.

    A basic understanding of how to use a graphical editing tool is helpful in using the PropertyRadar online editor.

  3. Add Images to your template by clicking the Images button in the side toolbar.
    Review the steps in the Add Images section below for specifics.

  4. Add Shapes to your design by clicking the Shapes button in the side toolbar.

  5. Add Text to your template design by clicking the Text button in the side toolbar.

  6. Adjust the design elements using features in the online editor.

  7. Click Next Step to open the Customize window.

Add Images

You can include photos and other images from different sources in your direct mail campaign. The Images panel is organized by the My Images, Stock, and My Brand categories.

Add Shapes

By selecting a shape to add to your design, you can customize the template to make your postcard stand out to potential customers.

Add Text

Click the Text button to add a textbox to your template, then select the text and change the content of your message.

Adjust Design Elements

Using the online editor, you can Undo, Redo, Delete, and adjust the elements within your

Preview a Template

Review the design you created for your Direct Mail by clicking the Preview Template (magnifier) button in the upper-right corner of a template.

All unlocks and purchases are final and non-refundable for Direct Mail. Your design, especially colors, may appear differently in print than previewed on your monitor. Additionally, USPS may be unable to deliver some mail pieces, and you will still be responsible for the cost of mailing those undelivered pieces. Additionally, please look over our Good Neighbor Marketing Pledge to stay consistent with our User Agreement.

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