Lists provide you with a way to find and manage potential customers and properties. 

After creating your Lists, you can use them to gain insights about your List, connect with potential customers, set alerts, change settings, share your List criteria, copy and delete Lists, and change the sort order.

Elements of My Lists

From the Main Menu, click My Lists to navigate to your lists. Each List is viewed as a card, and you can select the various elements to manage a specific List.

  1. Lists can be Static or Dynamic.
    - Lists show a lightening bolt icon when a list is dynamic, and no lightening bolt for static lists.
    - Dynamic Lists are created using Make a List, have criteria, and allow you to automatically add or remove records from your List.
    - Static Lists are created by manually adding properties to a list, and do not have criteria.
    - More information can be found about Dynamic Lists Settings in the Changing Settings section below.

  2. The List Name is in the top middle of the card, and can be changed in Settings.

  3. List Settings allow you to:
    - Edit a List name
    - View and share List criteria with another PropertyRadar user
    - Select your static and dynamic List settings
    - Copy, then edit criteria and save as a new List
    - Delete a List
    See more information about Changing Settings below.

  4. The number in the card indicates the number of properties in the List. Click this number to open the List.

  5. Insights can be selected to provide additional details about both the Owners and the Properties in a List. These Insights give a high-level, visual understanding of your List market.

  6. The Connect menu provides the ability to connect with the property owners in a List using:
    - Mail Merge
    - Mailing Labels
    - Direct Mail
    - Online Ads

  7. Alerts allows you to setup notification options when there are changes to your List.

Changing Settings

Selecting the Settings icon in a card opens the List Settings window. Using this window, you can manage and edit many of the List features.

Edit a List Name

  1. Click the Edit list name icon next to the current Name.

  2. Type the new name into the Name textbox.

  3. Click Save.

Share List Criteria

  1. Click the share icon to provide the List criteria to another PropertyRadar customer.

  2. In the Share Criteria window displayed, click Copy link.
    The link is copied, and the window is closed.

  3. In your email tool, open a new message and paste the link in the message.

  4. Send this email to another PropertyRadar user.
    They can click the link to make a list with the same criteria.

Dynamic List Settings

Below the List criteria are two checkboxes that provide the ability to automatically add and remove records from your dynamic List. (These checkboxes are greyed-out if the List is static.)

  • When the checkbox is selected to Automatically add new items that match this criteria to your list, PropertyRadar adds records to your List that match your criteria. When this checkbox is not selected, new records are not added to your List when the criteria matches.

  • When the checkbox is selected to Automatically remove items that no longer match this criteria from your list, PropertyRadar removes records from your List that do not match the criteria anymore. When this checkbox is not selected, records are not removed from your List when the criteria no longer matches.

Copy, Edit, and Save As a New List

You can copy a list, edit the criteria and name, then save it as a new list. Save time with minor changes by performing the following:

  1. In the List Settings window, click Copy.
    The Discovery window is displayed.

  2. Remove any unwanted Criteria by clicking the related X.

  3. Add any other Criteria to modify the List.

  4. Once you are satisfied with the criteria selected, click Make List.
    The Make List window is displayed.

  5. Type a new List Name in the textbox, then select the Dynamic list settings you want.

  6. Click Create.
    Your new List is created, and opened.

Delete a List

Once you no longer have use for a List, you can delete it from My Lists.

  1. From the List Settings window, click Delete.
    The Delete List window is displayed.

  2. Click Delete to remove this List from My Lists.

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