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Importing using Zapier
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Importing Using Zapier

PropertyRadar creates an action in Zapier, and uses an authentication sign-in to post data to import. For more information, see Using Zapier with PropertyRadar.

Using the steps in To Import a List, you can select Zapier as the Source of your import; in doing so, the List Name is automatically set to Zapier Import.

Your Zapier Account

  1. Login to Zapier, and open your Dashboard.

    Zapier Dashboard Import Workflow

    Using the Dashboard is just one way to begin creating a Zap.

  2. Select the app you want to use for your import in the Connect this app... box; then connect with PropertyRadar in the with this one! box.

    The Import process will vary depending on the app you select to Import from. Our example provided will show the Import process using Google Sheets.

  3. In the When this happens box, select a Trigger in the app. Then, select the Import Property action in the then do this! box. Click Try It to view the process, then click Get started.

    Zapier Process
  4. Connect to the app you want, and allow Zapier access to your account. Zapier then steps you through the process of selecting the where the import data will come from (this process will vary depending on the app you are using).

    The Google Sheets example steps through selecting the Spreadsheet, and Trigger Column(s):

  5. Connect Zapier with your PropertyRadar account. Next, step through customizing the Zap with the fields you want to edit; then choose how you want them mapped:

  6. Test the Zap by clicking Send test.

    A test property is sent to your PropertyRadar account. Open My Lists in your PropertyRadar account, click on Review Matches in the Zapier Import list, then check to be sure the import test works the way you want.

  7. When you are satisfied with the results of the Zapier Import test results, you can then Review and turn on your Zap.

    - Click Edit in either the The following... box or Will be added as a Property in box to change the Zap functionality.
    - Click Turn on Zap when you are ready to begin your automated import with PropertyRadar.

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