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Exporting to Zapier via Lists
Exporting to Zapier via Lists
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By connecting PropertyRadar to Zapier web services you can automate day-to-day tasks, and build workflows between apps. Review Using Zapier with PropertyRadar for specific details on setting up Zapier integrations.

After choosing to Export to Zapier from within PropertyRadar, the Export To Zapier window is displayed:

Export to Zapier Window Example with Callouts

To Export to Zapier

  1. From the Destination Zap menu, select the Zap where you want to export the selected records.

  2. Select the checkboxes (if needed) for email and/or phone appended to your export for the specified amount(s) for each record.

  3. Click Continue.
    The Export Summary displays the number of records being exported to Zapier.

  4. If the export is correct, click Continue.
    Otherwise, click Back or Cancel if you do not want to continue with your export.

  5. In the final Export To Zapier window, if you are satisfied with your selections to export to Zapier, click Purchase.
    Your selected records are sent to your Destination Zap.

Notice the number of records in your export at the top of this window which will apply to your subscription plan.

Note: In Zapier, a task is counted every time a Zap successfully moves data or takes action for you. Trigger steps do not count as tasks, but successful action step do count as tasks. Review your Zapier subscription, for the tasks available in your plan.


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