August 26, 2019 Update: Please review Facebook's new guidelines for businesses that offer housing, employment, and credit opportunities under its Special Ad Categories. Facebook may no longer allow for a custom audience if you fall within a Special Ad Category. Please contact Support for additional insights and potential workarounds.

You’re just a few clicks away from downloading a Customer List that’s prepped and ready for direct upload to your Facebook or Google ad accounts.

You can create ads in your Facebook or Google account and target any matches to your Customer List.

Why Online Ads?

Reaching your customers online with targeted ads via Facebook and Google’s online advertising networks is a powerful way to reach your customers.

No single marketing channel can, or will, reach every customer. That’s why multi-channel marketing is considered the best strategy to ensure that every customer gets your message and brand impression.

Simply put, online ads are a powerful complement to your existing direct marketing:

  • Online ads deliver more impressions at a substantially lower cost or effort.

  • Online enhance response rates across other channels. Brand impressions online can, and will, increase direct mail response. And vice versa.

  • Online ads let you leverage Facebook and Google’s enhanced advertising features. 

  • Online ads are a fast, easy, cost-effective way of A/B testing and iterating your marketing messages informing your direct marketing campaigns as a whole.

Getting Started

From My Lists, select your Customer List click the Red Target - “Connect” button under the Lists name. 

Then click “Online Ads.” 

Choose which platform you’d like to use for your Online Ads. 

Facebook Custom Audiences allows you to publish ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

Google Custom Match allows you to advertise on Google Search, Shopping, YouTube, and Gmail. 

After choosing the ad platform, click “Next” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 

From here, choose who to target from your List. 

“All Contacts” will target all contacts associated with the properties on your customer List. 

“Primary Contact” will target all primary contacts as determined by your selection. 

After choosing who to target in your Customer List, click download your List.

The downloaded file is encrypted in a format specific to Facebook or Google. One will not work with the other.

Facebook Custom Audiences Help Link

Google Ads Help Link


Facebook and Google use the data fields in your customer List to match to users in their network. Sometimes the people on your list will not be Facebook or Google users and sometimes the data simply doesn’t match. Match rates will also vary wildly depending on the criteria of your list. For example, Lists with owners that are businesses rather than people will have very poor match rates. Generally, you should expect to see match rates of 30 to 60 percent. Even though you won’t be able to reach everyone on your customer List, this is still a great way to reach many of them.

Minimum List Size

Google has a minimum audience size of 1000 after matching, so you need to start with considerably larger customer Lists to be successful. We recommend you start with a List of at least 3,000. If your current List is not that large, try adjusting your List or creating a new List that combines multiple smaller Lists using the “Include Lists” criteria.

Use cross channel communication to extend your targeting and find your best potential customers. Online Ads are available for PropertyRadar Pro subscribers and do not count toward your total exports. 

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