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Selecting County Auction Access
Selecting County Auction Access

Choose how many and which counties for auction data access

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To begin using the Auctions features including Auctions Schedule, Auctions Calendar, and Auctions Workflow, you must first select the county or counties you want to access. Review the Trustee Sale Tracking coverage provided for counties in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

Access to county auction data is priced per county. You can choose to purchase Auction information for one, two, three, or all available counties. For information on what is included in your subscription plan, review your ForeclosureRadar or PropertyRadar pricing information.

You can add access for additional counties at any time, as well as find your current Auction Settings in your Account Settings window.

Selecting County Access for Auctions

View this quick process:

Selecting Counties for Auction Access

The following explains each step to select the county or counties for which you want to access auction data:

  1. When you initially select Auctions from the Main Menu, you are prompted to select the county or counties you want access to Auctions. Click OK.

    The Account Settings window is then displayed.

  2. In the Auctions Settings section of the Account Settings window, select the county or counties for which you want auction data.

    Select a County for Access to Auction Data

    Counties can be selected once a month, based on your renewal date. The county selection month begins at midnight on the morning of the anniversary of your renewal date day. If the anniversary is beyond the last day of the month (for example, the 31st), it is moved to the last day of the month (in our example, the 30th).

  3. In the Confirmation window, once you are satisfied with your county selection(s) for auction data, click Continue. Otherwise, click Cancel to make changes.

    Click Continue to Confirm Your County Selection

  4. When you are satisfied with your county selections, click Update in the Auction Settings section.
    Your county selections are updated, and you can now view Auctions information for the county or counties you selected.

Your search results will not provide Sale Date, Prior Sale Date, Postponed For, Winning Bid $, or Opening Bid $ for counties other than your selected county or counties.

To access data for additional counties, you can click the Add Counties button in the Auction Settings section of your Account Settings window to open the Change Subscription Add Ons window. Then, go to step 3 below in Adding Access for Additional Counties for further instructions.

Adding Access for Additional Counties

View this quick process:

Change your subscription at any time, to access auction data for additional counties using the following steps:

  1. From the Account Settings menu, select Subscription.

    The Subscription window is then displayed.

  2. Click Manage Add Ons in the Current Subscription section of the window.

    The Change Subscription Add Ons window then opens.

  3. Using the Track Counties Add On menu, select the number of counties you want to track. You can choose to have access to two, three, or all available counties' auction data.
    The monthly add on cost is displayed:

    Change Subscription Add Ons Window

  4. Click Continue.
    The Confirm Subscription Changes window is displayed.

  5. Review the New Subscription details with the breakdown of your monthly costs.
    Additionally, you'll find:
    - the Total Due Now
    - the Total Due for your Next Bill, on your_next_date
    - the Credit Card your charges will be billed to

  6. Click Purchase when you are satisfied with your selections. Otherwise, click Cancel. If you have subscription questions, you can contact Customer Support.
    After clicking Purchase, you will return to your Subscription window, where you will see this purchase in the Subscription Billing History section.

  7. Select your new counties you added, using the Auctions Settings section in the Account Settings window.
    Review the steps in the Selecting County Access for Auctions section above.

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