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Managing Account Settings

My Profile, Account Settings, Subscription, Purchases, and Logout

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In the web app, the Account Settings menu is in the upper right corner. Click the user icon next to your account name to view the menu.

You can select from the following items in the Account Settings menu:

When you select any of the menu items in the Account Settings menu, that window is then displayed.

My Profile

Click My Profile in the Account Settings menu to display the My Profile window. Using the My Profile window you can update your Contact Information, Preferences, and Password.

Contact Information

  • Update your First Name and/or Last Name, then click Update.

To change your login email or mobile phone, please Contact Support.


  • Click the Time Zone menu to select your time zone, then click Update.


To reset your password complete the following fields:

  1. Enter your current password in the Current Password textbox.

  2. Enter your new password in the New Password textbox.

  3. Enter your new password again in the Confirm Password textbox.

  4. Click Update.
    Your new password is now set to access to PropertyRadar.

Account Settings

From the Account Settings menu, click Account Settings to use the following sections:

My Accounts

Using the My Accounts section, you can Review your Current Account(s), and Create a New Account.

My Accounts in Account Settings window

Review Current Account(s)

In the My Accounts section, the following is shown for each account to which you belong. Each row displays:

  • Account name(s)

  • Your Role in the Account

  • Account Status

If an account subscription has lapsed, and you wish to restart it, click Restart for the appropriate account.

Create a New Account

You may need to create a new account, for example if you have investors you're working with only on certain deals, you might want an Investor Account in addition to your Business Account.

To create a new account:

  1. Click Create New Account.
    The Create New Account window displays:

    Create New Account window

  2. Complete at least the required fields including: Company Name, State, Zip, Company/Account Size, Industry, and Primary Interest.
    It's helpful to our product development when you provide all the field information in the Create New Account window.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. In the next window, select the Choose a Package menu and choose a package.
    Click the Compare link to view subscription package information:

    Choose Package, Billing Period, and CC# for a New Account

  5. Select the Billing Period you want, either Monthly, or Annual for significant savings.

  6. Enter your Credit Card number, expiration date, and CVC number.

  7. Review the Total due now, and subscription user agreement, then click Purchase.
    A new account is created.

Account Name Account Information

Using the Account Information section, you can change any fields for the account you are currently logged into.

The fields available include: Company Name, Website, Business Phone, Business Email, Address, City, State, and Zip.

The required fields* include: Company Name, State, and Zip.

Click Update when you are satisfied with the changes you make.

Account Name Auction Settings

In the Auction Settings section of the Account Settings window, you can select and change the county or counties for which you want access to auction data. You can also add counties for auction data access.

Select or Change Counties for Your Auction Data

  1. Click the menu for each County for which you are subscribed to receive auction data:

    Counties can be selected once a month, based on your renewal date. The county selection month begins at midnight on the morning of the anniversary of your renewal date day. If the anniversary is beyond the last day of the month (for example, the 31st), it is moved to the last day of the month (in our example, the 30th).

  2. Once you are satisfied with your county selection(s) for auction data, click Update.
    The Confirmation dialog box is displayed:

    Click Continue to Confirm Your County Selection

  3. Confirm that you are satisfied with your county selections, by clicking Continue.
    Your county selections are updated, and you can now view Auction information for the county or counties you selected.


  • A notification displays the date when you can next change your county selections.

  • Search results will not provide Sale Date, Prior Sale Date, Postponed For, Winning Bid $, or Opening Bid $ for counties other than your selected county or counties.

Add Counties for Trustee Sale Tracking

You can add counties to your subscription, to track additional county trustee sales, using the following steps:

  1. Click the Add Counties button in the Auction Settings section.
    The Change Subscription Add Ons window is opened.

  2. Using the Track Counties Add On menu, select the number of counties you want to track. You can choose to have access to two, three, or all available counties' auction data.
    The monthly add on cost is displayed.

    Change Subscription Add Ons Window
  3. Click Continue.
    The Confirm Subscription Changes window is displayed.

  4. Review the New Subscription details with the breakdown of your monthly costs.
    Additionally, you'll find:
    - the Total Due Now
    - the Total Due for your Next Bill, on your_next_date
    - the Credit Card to which your charges will be billed

  5. Click Purchase when you are satisfied with your selections. Otherwise, click Cancel. If you have subscription questions, you can contact Customer Support.

  6. Select the counties you want to track.

Trustee Sales Tracking add on is now available on all PropertyRadar plans, including the Solo, Team & Business plans.

Account Name Account Members

Account Admin and Owner roles can use the Account Members section of the Account Settings window to do the following:

By sharing access to your account with multiple people, you can work together in PropertyRadar. For more information, review Managing Team Accounts.

View Account Members

Below the explanation of using your account(s) with other users, you will see the list of Account Members, what their role is in the account, the date they were added to the account, and the current status of that account member.

Add Members to Your Account

With a multi-user subscription plan, you can share work with multiple account members, or teammates. Customer Support can help you find a subscription plan that meets your needs.

Add account members using the Account Members section of the Account Settings window:

  1. Click Add Member.

  2. In the Invite Account Member window displayed, type the email address(es) of the people you would like to invite to use your account:

    Invite Others to Your Account

  3. Click Continue.

  4. The next window allows you to compose a message to the invited member(s), and view the costs associated with the addition(s):

    Send Request to New Member
  5. When you are satisfied with the Invitation to your account, click Purchase and Send.
    The invitation request(s) is sent to your recipients, and PropertyRadar sets up the account sharing, and bills you for the addition(s).

Integrations & API

Integrations allow connections to other services and applications.

  • Our current partner integrations include Zapier.

  • Use Webhooks in PropertyRadar to have your software engineer designate a URL where you have PropertyRadar send data. Use the steps below to Add a Webhook.

  • Turning off integrations allows you to enable new integrations, while deleting an integration removes it fully from your account.

  • API: more information coming soon.

Review the information at the top of your Integrations & API section in the Account Settings window for details:

Integrations & API section of the Account Settings window

Currently, using the Integrations & API section, you can add an integration, review your API Token, review your Webhook, and deleting an integration.

Add Integration

Using the Add Integration button in the Integrations & API section, you can only add webhooks at this time. You can also add integrations using Zapier with PropertyRadar.

To Add a Webhook

  1. Click the Add Integration button.
    The Add Integration dialog box is displayed:

    Add Integration window

  2. In the Webhooks section, type the following to set up your Webhook integration:
    Webhook Name - name for your Webhook Integration
    Webhook URL - the URL where you want PropertyRadar to send data. You will need to create or provide the software behind your URL.
    Webhook Secret - an optional safety measure to make sure only PropertyRadar can send data to your Webhook URL. To use it, you will need to setup your page to only accept the data if the secret is included.

  3. Click Add Webhook.
    The webhook is added in the Integrations & API section of the Account Settings window.

Review Webhook

In the Integrations & API section of the Account Settings window, you can click an Integration Name to:

  • View the Webhook URL

  • View the Webhook Secret

  • Send a Test Record

  • Delete the Webhook

Send Test Record, Delete, and View Webhook URL and Secret dialog box

Review API Token

In the Integrations & API section of the Account Settings window, you can click the API Access Token (under the Integration Name heading) to:

  • View the API Token

  • Copy the API Token to your clipboard

  • Link to view the API Documentation page

  • Replace the Token

Deleting an Integration

We recommend turning off your integrations, rather than deleting. If you have already turned off an integration, but the integration continues to get called, you may want to delete an integration from your account permanently.

Use the Integrations & API section of the Account Settings window to delete an integration:

  1. Click the Integration Name for the integration you want to delete.

    Integrations & API Section of Account Settings

    The Integration_Name dialog box is displayed:

    Delete Integration only if already turned-off, but still getting called

  2. Click Delete.
    The Delete Integration confirmation dialog box is displayed:

  3. Confirm that you want to permanently remove the automation by clicking Delete.

Brand Center

The PropertyRadar Brand Center provides a central location where you can add or edit your business' Brand Info and Brand Style, to use in a Direct Mail campaign, for example. Review the specifics about Setting Up Your Brand Center.


Click Subscription in the Account Settings menu to use the following sections in the Subscription window:

Current Subscription

Your current subscription details show the following information for your account:

  • Status: View the account status.

  • Billing Period: View your account billing cycle.

  • Next Bill Date: View the date your account will next be charged.

  • Plan: View the subscription package and number of users using this account.

Using the buttons at the bottom of the Current Subscription section, you can:

Change Plan

Using the Change Plan button, you can do the following:

  • Choose a Package

  • Select a Billing Period

  • Select Payment Option

  • View the Amounts Due

After clicking the Change Plan button the Change Subscription window is displayed:

1. Choose a Package

  • Click the Choose a Package menu to select a different subscription plan.

  • Click Compare to view the website pricing page with specifics on current subscription plan offerings.

  • To address your specific needs, you can always connect with our Customer Support team.

2. Select Billing Period

  • Choose either the Monthly or Annual option for your subscription billing.

  • Your costs are shown for both monthly and annual subscriptions.

By selecting to pay annually, you receive a substantial discount.

3. Select Payment Option

You can select either:

  • Use Existing Payment Method, and select your card you want to use from the credit card menu.

  • Or, Add a New Payment Method to provide a new credit card number, CVC code, and expiration date, to continue your subscription billing.

4. Amounts Due

A payment breakdown is given for the account, including:

  • Total due now amount, and

  • Next bill due on <date> amount

5. Confirm your selections.

When you are satisfied with your selections in the Change Subscription window, click Purchase to confirm your changes. Or, click Cancel to close the window without saving your changes.

Manage Add Ons

In the Current Subscription section, you can click Manage Add Ons to customize your subscription with the Integration, Monitored List, or Track Counties Add Ons you want. For specific instructions, see Subscription Add Ons.

Cancel Subscription

We are sorry to see you go! If we can help you in using PropertyRadar before doing so, please contact Customer Support.

If you cancel your account, the following results:

  • You will lose all of your saved data

  • All alerts and automations are turned off

  • Account settings, contacts, and other saved data is available for 90 days after cancellation, should you choose to resubscribe; anytime after that initial 90 days, your saved data may be deleted

  • Subscription packages may change over time, and your current plan and pricing may no longer be available after cancellation

To cancel your PropertyRadar subscription:

  1. In the Subscription window, click Cancel Subscription:

    Cancel Subscription Button in Current Subscription Section

    The Cancellation Reason window is displayed:

  2. Select your reason for cancellation, then click Continue.
    If you choose to take a break, you can set a re-start date. Otherwise, the Confirm Cancellation window is displayed:

  3. Read and select each checkbox to acknowledge the PropertyRadar cancellation terms, then click Cancel Subscription.
    Your PropertyRadar subscription is cancelled.

Payment Methods

Using the Payment Methods section of the Subscription window, you can either use your default payment method, or add a new credit card to pay for your PropertyRadar subscription.

Default Payment Method Selection

The current payment method is selected using the button under the Default heading.

To add a new card to pay for your PropertyRadar subscription:

  1. Click Add Card.
    The Add New Payment Method window is displayed:

    Add Credit Card and Set as Default Payment
  2. Type your credit card number, expiration, and CVC security code.

  3. You can select the checkbox to make this credit card the default method for your subscription and auto-recharge payments.

  4. Click Save.
    Your credit card is added to your Payment Methods section of the Subscription window.

Subscription Billing History

You can review your Subscription Billing History including:

  • Subscription purchases

  • Refunds

  • Exports

  • Document Purchases

  • Print receipts

You will see the Date, Description, Payment Method, and Amount. Links may be available to click and view document purchases, export downloads, and receipts:


From the Account Settings menu, select Purchases to view the sections of the Purchases window including:

Purchases Account Balance

Your account balance is used to make purchases such as document images, exports, and phone & email appends. You can see your Current Balance, as well as add to your balance. Only account Owners and account Admins can add to the balance.

Purchases Account Balance in Purchases window

To Add to Balance:

Purchases are non-refundable, so be sure you are satisfied with your selections prior to purchasing.

  1. Click Add to Balance.
    The Add to Balance window is displayed.

  2. In the Amount to Add field, type the dollar amount you want to add.
    The New Balance displays the sum of your Current Balance and the Amount to Add.

  3. If needed, select your source of payment from the source menu.

  4. Click Pay.

Add to Balance window example

Low Balance Notifications

We make it easy to help you stay on top of your balance, by allowing you to set up low balance notifications in the Low Balance Notifications section of the Purchases window.

To Set Up Low Balance Notifications:

  1. Select the checkbox to get email notifications.

  2. Enter the Purchases Account Balance dollar amount of when you want to be notified.

  3. Click Update.

Low Balance Notification section of Purchases


Auto-recharge ensures that your integrations don't get interrupted. You can set the amounts for when to add to your balance, and how much. Optionally, you can set Daily Maximums so you don't spend too much.

To Set Up Auto-recharge:

  1. Select the checkbox to automatically charge your default payment method.

  2. Enter the amount at which you want the auto-recharge to take affect.

  3. Enter the amount you want charged to your default payment method for your purchases.

  4. If you want to set-up a Daily Maximum, to limit purchases over a 24 hour time period you can stop your auto-recharge by selecting the checkbox, and entering the amount at which charges reach, during the last 24 hours.

Auto-recharge in the Purchases window of Account Settings

Included Items

The Included Items section of the Purchases window displays the items still available in your subscription that you've purchased. Your balance reset date for the month is indicated.

Purchases History

Your Purchases History displays the Date, Purchases description, Payment Method, Amount. Links may be available to click and view document purchases, exports, and even Resend Exports to Zapier.


  1. From the Account Settings menu, select Logout to exit from the PropertyRadar app.
    The Log Out window is displayed.

  2. Click Logout, or click Cancel to continue working.

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