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How to activate 30-day API Trial
How to activate 30-day API Trial
Updated over a week ago

PropertyRadar offers the most powerful property and owner data API ever. With access to our full 250+ property search criteria, build lists, get owner information, append phones & emails, set up automations, and much more! This enables integrating PropertyRadar into your own tools -- your web portal, internal toolsets, mobile apps, and more.

Unlike our integrations through Zapier, which allows you to integrate PropertRadar with your third-party tools, the API gives you full control and access to the PropertyRadar data and accounts.

The other difference is you will need a developer on staff to assist with the API integration as custom code will need to be created on your end.

Because of that requirement, we offer a 30-day trial of our API service to assist with development time while on our Solo and Team plans before upgrading to our Business plan which includes full API access.

Enabling your API Trial

Once you are ready for the API Trial (you have a developer ready, have scoped out the project requirements, etc) you can enable it through these steps:

  1. Go to Account Settings

  2. Scroll to the bottom API section and click "Get API Free Trial"

  3. On the following screen, click Upgrade:

  4. Finally on the next screen, click Upgrade to confirm!

Congratulations, you are now in the Free API Trial!

Resources to assist in development:

Some considerations for implementing the API

While on the API trial, nothing else on your plan will be affected:

  • Export overages will still cost the same, based on your subscription plan

  • Importing through the API to a list will continue to incur the same overages

  • Unlocking Phones and/or Email still cost the same for overages

  • Every time you have property data returned, it counts as an Export.

If you search and have 3 properties returned, each of those properties that you pull data from would be an export. Be sure to check the returned records counts before exporting data -- If you accidentally return a list of 10,000 records then that will count toward your monthly export quota and can not be refunded.

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