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About PropertyRadar Legacy Plans
About PropertyRadar Legacy Plans

Learn more about PropertyRadar's Current, Legacy and Retired Plans

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PropertyRadar introduced new subscription plans on September 1st, 2023. If you had a subscription plan with PropertyRadar before the new subscription plans were introduced, your subscription plan may be considered a Legacy or Retired plan. Some Legacy plans are set to be retired. You can learn more about the current plans and how to upgrade your subscription below:

Why are plans retired?

To provide the highest quality service, we sometimes introduce new subscription options to serve our customer's unique needs and use cases. New technologies and processes used to improve the user experience often cannot be applied to earlier versions of the plans. Older plans are discontinued and moved to a Legacy status as new subscription plans are introduced. We strive to keep Legacy plans active, tested, and supported. Hence, there is no disruption for our users, but eventually, it becomes impractical or impossible to maintain Legacy plans, and they are retired. We provide advanced notice if a plan is scheduled to be retired as soon as possible, and usually twelve months ahead.

We have three categories of plans: Current, Legacy & Retired


Current Plans are offered and available for purchase as a new subscription or any legacy plans as an upgrade. These are our Current plans:

  • Solo

  • Team

  • Business


Legacy plans have been discontinued and are no longer available as a new subscription. However, we will continue to update and test to ensure legacy plans will function as expected. These are our Legacy plans:

  • Basic

  • Standard

  • Pro

  • Essential

  • Complete


Retired plans are no longer supported and do not receive any updates or new features. We will no longer test and ensure that retired plans function as expected. We strongly recommend that customers upgrade to a current plan immediately. These are our Retired plans:

  • None

Legacy Plans set to retire

Subscription Plan

Date set to retire

Recommended replacement plan










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