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API Implementation Considerations
API Implementation Considerations
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Some considerations for implementing the API to keep in mind are:

While on the API trial or Business Plan for API access, nothing else on your plan will be affected:

  • Export overages will still cost the same, based on your subscription plan

  • Importing through the API to a list will continue to incur the same overages

  • Unlocking Phones and/or Email still cost the same for overages

  • Every time you have property data returned, it counts as an Export.

If you search and have 3 properties returned, each of those properties that you pull data from would be an export.

Be sure to check the returned records counts before exporting data -- If you accidentally return a list of 10,000 records then that will count toward your monthly export quota and can not be refunded.
For Importing:

Resources to assist in development:

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