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Using Radar AI: List-Building Assistant
Using Radar AI: List-Building Assistant

How-to on PropertyRadar's AI List-Building Assistant, Radar

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Radar AI: List Building using AI technology

With an extremely robust database of information, PropertyRadar provides countless search possibilities in order to get targeted and hyperlocal results for homeowners and properties in the areas you need the most. Leveraging OpenAI technology, Radar AI easily transforms descriptions of ideal prospects into lists of revenue-generating opportunities.

Package and Availability for Radar AI

  • Business, Team, Solo & Complete PropertyRadar plans include Radar AI with monthly limits

    • Business & Team: 200 queries per month

    • Complete & Solo: 100 queries per month

  • Owners, Admins, and Members can use Radar AI

How to use Radar AI

Here are the steps for generating search criteria using Radar AI:

Open & submit your request

The first step to using Radar AI is to locate the Radar icon in the Search tab under Discover and submit a request to generate criteria.

To begin using, click on Radar AI’s icon within the Search tab in Discover. Additionally, you can launch Radar directly using this link: Radar AI

A chat window will appear, prompting you to describe the ideal prospects you’re looking for. Feel free to use your own words and be as specific as you wish when typing in your request where it asks, "What are you searching for today?"

Once you submit your initial request, watch as Radar AI generates completely customized search criteria that you can apply in order to create a list of prospective property leads and the number of properties associated with those criteria.

Refine your request

Now that you have customized search criteria, you may need to refine them further. You can easily submit feedback to Radar, or make changes to any ongoing search.

If you're unsure of your request, don't worry, your list search criteria won't be added to the Search function just yet.

The criteria generated by your request will appear, and you can refine the request by responding when Radar says, "What would you like to change?"

Once you've decided on how you want to refine your request, use the arrow icon on the right again to generate your updated criteria.

Use criteria to generate a list

You can use the Search function to build your list now that you have updated the criteria.

If you're happy with the criteria generated from your request to Radar, you can now add the criteria to the Search function and generate a list.

Click 'Use Criteria" to add the criteria you generated with Radar to the Search function

After submitting a request from Radar and adding the criteria to the Search function, you won't be able to update the criteria from Radar anymore. Any new request submitted by Radar will replace the current Search criteria.

Once the criteria have been added to the Search function based on your Radar submission, you can update and take actions on the list generated.

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