Understanding Lists

Dynamic, Static, and Import List Types

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After selecting search criteria, you can keep track of your search results by Making a List of the Properties and Property Owners. Using your Lists makes it easy to work through your business processes.

There are three different types of Lists that you can create: Dynamic, Static, and Import Lists. When viewing My Lists, the icon in the upper left corner of a card distinguishes each type of list. The steps to create a list will depend on the type of List you make. Then, after making it, there are many ways to use your List.

My Lists

From the Main Menu, select My Lists to view all of the Lists you have created:

The My Lists, window is displayed.

My Lists Example

There are several important features in each List card:

List Types Shown in My Lists

List Types

There are three different types of lists, including: dynamic lists, static lists, and import lists.

Dynamic Lists

Dynamic lists are updated automatically when monitored. If a Dynamic list is unmonitored, the list is updated according to the search criteria, once opened. Dynamic Lists are created using search criteria in Discover.

Learn about creating a Dynamic List below.

To Monitor a List:

  1. Open My Lists, then click Add Monitoring below the number of properties in a List.

  2. In the popup, select the Add Monitoring, Insights & Automations checkbox; then click the Add Monitoring button.
    The List will now automatically updated with current data.

Static Lists

Static Lists are created by manually adding properties to a list. They do not have search criteria. Properties on Static lists only change when you add or remove properties manually, or set up an automation to do so. Learn how to create a Static List below.

Import Lists

You can import files and records into a new List in PropertyRadar. Each import matches your records with PropertyRadar data. You can create an Import List using the New List menu, then continue with Importing a New List.

Creating a List

From My Lists, click the New List menu to create a Dynamic, Static, or Import List:

Creating Dynamic Lists

  1. From the New List menu, select Dynamic List.
    The Discover window opens where you add search criteria.

  2. Use the steps in Making a List of Properties and Property Owners to add search criteria, and create your Dynamic List.ย 

Creating Static Lists

  1. From the New List menu, select Static List.
    A New Static List dialog box is displayed.

  2. Type a List Name in the textbox.

  3. You can choose to Add Monitoring, Insights & Automation. Click the Create button to create a new, empty Static List.

You can add properties to your Static List by either:

  • Selecting ... > Add to List from any grid view or property card:

  • Or, by using the My Lists tool in the Property Profile:

Creating an Import List

  1. From the New List menu, select Import List.
    The Import New List window is displayed.

  2. Use the steps in Importing a New List to import your list.

Using Lists

After you make it, there are many ways to use your List:

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