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Using PropertyRadar
Using the Property and Owner Profile
Using the Property and Owner Profile

View detailed property information and connect with contacts

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PropertyRadar provides incredibly detailed data about the property, and owner or owners. This trove of information can help you to see new opportunities, and grow your business. In addition to reviewing and understanding the data, you can also add your own information to your instance of the Profile record (that only you & your team will see), and take various actions throughout the Profile.

The data provided for each property and owner will vary. The availability of the data depends on the data sources PropertyRadar compiles. Using many sources, we try to put together the most complete picture we can.

There are several places in PropertyRadar from which you can access the Property and Owner Profile by double-clicking on a property in a List. Click an address in the Contact, Value & Equity, and Neighborhood tabs opens the Property Profile in a new browser window.

Property and Owner Profile Example

Property Profile with Callouts

There are several areas of the Profile that are explained in detail below, including:

Property Address, Preview Image, Preview Map and Interest Level

At the top of the Property and Owner Profile the property address is displayed in the middle of the blue header. Review the image above for reference.

Preview Image

Initially, the preview image displays the street-view image for the property. When you add photos to the Profile, the last image you add becomes the preview image.

Preview Map

The preview map shows the property location, and indicates the property with a property type icon.

  • Click the Expand arrows in the upper-right corner of the map to view the Interactive Map. This interactive map opens in the Map View; you can select Street View and Bird's Eye View.

  • Use the Map Tools to navigate the Map View.

Interest Level

Select the number of stars for the property. Determine for your business needs, the Interest Level you want to apply for your instance of the Profile.

Property Highlights

You'll find three panels with the most popular property and contact information, below the Preview Image and Preview Map, in the Property Highlights section: Property, Value and Contacts.


Get a quick understanding of the property by reviewing the first panel on the left, below the Interest Level:

  • Property Type
    Types include:

    Property Type Icons
  • Year Built

  • Beds

  • Baths

  • Sqft

  • Lot Size

Additionally, the Owner Occupied, For Sale, and In Foreclosure icons are highlighted when active, and dimmed if not in that state.


The Value panel provides the top-level info for the property value including:

  • Estimated Value

  • Equity

  • Purchase Price

  • Owned Since


When available, the Contacts panel provides the name, age, and profession for each property owner. Phone and email availability is also indicated with the applicable icon.

You can do the following in the Contacts panel:

  • Click the Facebook™ and LinkedIn™ icons to search for the contact on social media.

  • Click the phone or email icon to purchase it for the contact.

Using the Tab Views

The Tab View area provides the detailed data of the Property and Owner Profile. Remember, the information provided will vary by property, depending on data availability. Additionally, field information will vary by county.

The Property and Owner details are provided in the following tabs:

Contacts Tab

Click the Contacts tab to display the available information for each contact associated with the property. As mentioned above, the information provided will vary by contact, depending on data availability.

Below the contacts, you can Add a New Contact, and review the Disclaimer specifics.

Contact Name

Each Contact section provides information about the contact, often including:

name, person type, ownership role, gender, age, primary contact, phone number(s) available for purchase, email address(es) available for purchase, links to search social network sites, mailing and primary residence addresses, occupation, and notes.

Using the Contact Information:

  • Primary Contact selection box: check the box for the Primary Contact for the property if you've found the primary contact to be different than the default.

  • Skip Trace: click the menu to select a method of finding the contact online.

  • Methods to connect with the contact: click a phone number to call the number. Click an address to open a browser and view directions to that address from your current location.

  • Edit the contact name in your Profile record by clicking edit next to the contact name.

  • Add and Edit Notes: click Add Note, in the new window type your notes, then click Save. To delete a note, click Edit Note. In the Edit Notes window, click Delete, then confirm your then action by clicking Delete.

Add a New Contact

If, through your research, you have information for another contact for the property, you can add a new contact to your instance of the Profile. NOTE: Once you add a new contact, you cannot remove that contact from your record.

To Add a New Contact:

  1. Click Add Contact.
    The Add New Contact window is displayed where you can add any of the information about the contact.

  2. Select the button for whether the contact is a Person or a Company/Entity.

  3. Type the Name of the new contact.

  4. Type the Phone number for the contact, and from the menu select whether the phone number is for a Mobile, Landline or Other.

  5. Type the Email address for the contact.

  6. Provide the social media link for the contact.

  7. Type any Notes you may have for the contact.

  8. Click Add Contact.
    You newly added contact is added to your instance of the Profile, and is now the Primary Contact.


Phone numbers provided by PropertyRadar may be subject to state and federal do not call regulations depending on your use. Compliance with those regulations is the responsibility of the user. All personal data is subject to errors and omissions and is provided for informational purposes only. User Agreement

Property Tab

Click the Property tab to display the vast amount of property details available. The Property tab information is divided into four sections:

  • Location: Review the property's location data field information.
    - To purchase a Parcel Map, click the link to open the Purchase Parcel Map window; then click Purchase.
    - To view directions from your location using Google Maps, click the link to open a separate browser page.
    - Click the link to Look up the Assessor in a separate browser page.

  • Site: Review the property's site/land data.
    - Click the FEMA Map Number to open a separate browser page with that map.

  • Structure: Review the property's known structure data.

  • Property Taxes: Review the Property Tax field information.
    - Click the link to Look Up Taxes using a new browser page to search for the county tax collector website.

Value & Equity Tab

  • Value: Review the property's Value Summary and Purchase Market Value, and Market Rent data fields. Our estimated value is an AVM (Automated Valuation Model), similar to the Zillow Zestimate™.
    - Change My Value: click to change My Value to the value you want to set for the property.
    - Change My Rent: click to change My Rent to the value you want to set for the property.

  • Comparables: Review comps for the property. There are several actions you can take using the Comparables section:
    - Click the tab to see For Sale Listings, or Recent Sales in the area of the property.
    - Take various actions with the Comps, including: Add to List, Remove from List, Export to File, Print Report, Email Report, or Export to Zapier.
    - Select Comparables Options to review and update the comp options you want included.
    - Save the Comparables for today's date in your instance of the property record.

  • Investment Analysis: The Investment analysis tool allows you to get the financial information you need to make sound decisions on any property investment. Whether you are looking to flip or hold a property, the analysis makes it fast and easy to see what your profits or returns might be.
    - Click Edit to open the Investment Analysis window.


Remember that property, transaction, estimated values, loan balances, rent and foreclosure data provided by PropertyRadar may be subject to errors and omissions and are for informational purposes only. Also, please remember the User Agreement is a binding contract between you and PropertyRadar.

Transactions Tab

  • Current Owner: Review the property transactions for the current owner; this tab is shown by default.

  • All Transactions Select this tab to view all the transactions for the property.

Review available document information, by clicking the Image Edit icon for the document you want to view. Get further information on Purchasing Property Documents.

Keep track of your process by selecting the Title Checklist checkboxes for your completed actions.

Click the TItle Search link to open a new browser page to search the county recorder website.

  • Foreclosures: When a property goes into the foreclosure process, the Foreclosures section provides information for the foreclosure document selected in the Selected Foreclosure menu.
    - Click the menu to view and select the foreclosure documents associated with the property.


Property, transaction, estimated values, loan balances, rent and foreclosure data provided by PropertyRadar may be subject to errors and omissions and are for informational purposes only. User Agreement.

Listings Tab

  • Review Listings found for the property.

  • Click the app icon to open a browser linking to,, and to search for listings for the property.

Neighborhood Tab

Click the Neighborhood tab to view information about the property's locale. This is great for getting to know an area you’re not familiar with or to educate a potential customer on an area.

The most successful businesses are always curious. Their advice to you: take the time to get familiar with all the discreet data and insights at your fingertips. You may not see or need to know it today, but you never know what tomorrow will bring.

The Neighborhood sections available for your review include:

  • Neighbors: double-click a property icon to view the Property Info card for neighbors.

  • Demographics: provides statistics for the ZIP code, county, state, and nation regarding: Population, Density, gender, ages, Married/Single, Foreign Born, Education Attainment Level, and Income.

  • Housing: displays statistics for the ZIP code, county, state, and nation regarding: Median Home Price, Median Rent, Average Home Age, Owner Occupied, and Housing Type.

  • Housing Risk: view an assessment of risk for Equity, Time to Resell, Affordability, Foreclosures, Turnover, and Primary Residence.

  • Environment: displays averages for the area including: Elevation, July High/Low temperatures, January High/Low temperatures, Precipitation (rain) level average, and Snowfall average.


Neighborhood and census data provided by PropertyRadar may be subject to errors and omissions and are for informational purposes only. User Agreement

My Info Tab

  • Photos: The Photos section provides the photos you or a team member added for the property record.

  • Add Photos: Depending on your business, your workflow or team work may benefit by adding your own photos to your instance of the Property and Owner Profile. You can add and review your own photos of the property in the Photos panel of the Overview tab.

    To Add Photos

    1. Click Add Photo to display the Upload Photos window.

    2. Click Select Photo(s).

    3. Using your computer's file finder, navigate to where your photos are located, and select the photos you want to upload.
      The Upload Photos window displays the number of files to upload.

    4. Click Upload to begin that process. Or click Cancel if you don't want to upload the selected photos.
      The photos are added to your Photos panel. You can add more photos anytime.

    Using the Photos Panel

    • The last photo added to the Photos panel is displayed as the Preview Image.

    • Scroll through your photos using the arrows.

    • To remove photos from your instance of the Profile, click either the photo in the Photos panel, or in the preview image. Then, click Delete.

  • Notes: Attach notes to a property record to remember the details for your business needs.
    - Click Add Note to open the Add Note window. Type your notes, then click Save.
    - Click Edit Note to change or delete the note.

  • Files: Attach files to a property record.
    - Click Add File to display the Upload Files window. Click Select File(s) to find and select the files you want to upload to your instance of the property record. Then click Upload. The file(s) are added to the Files section of the Property tab.
    - Open a file by clicking the File Name link.
    - Delete a file by clicking the black Delete handle for the file you want removed from the property record.

Property Selection, Up & Down Navigation, and Actions

Using the upper-right corner of the Profile, you can quickly evaluate, mark, and take action on the property according to your business process needs:

Property Selection, Up & Down List, and Actions
  • Property selection box: click the box to select the property. When you select a property, it is highlighted in the list from which you navigated. You can take actions on selected properties in a list.

  • Forward and Back arrows: allow you to navigate through the properties in the list.
    For Lists with more than 500,000 properties, the previous and next buttons will not work when going from the first property to the last in the list, or from the last property to the first.

  • Actions menu: click to Add to List, Set Status, Set Interest Level, Remove from List, Add Note, Print Report, Email Report, or Export to Zapier to take the selected action on the property.

My Lists

The My Lists area of the Property and Owner Profile displays your lists in which the property is included. If this section is blank, then this property is not on a list. For information on using My Lists, review View and Managing Lists.

Add to Static List

You can add a property to an existing Static list; or, create a new Static list to which you can add the property:

  1. In the Select or type for new box, either type a new name for a Static list, or click the menu arrow to select an existing Static list.

  2. Click the green Add icon.
    The property is added to that Static list, and the list name is added to the My Lists area in the Profile.


Status settings allow you to manage your business workflow according to your needs and processes. Edit the Status settings to change the names of the Status labels according to your process. Once you are satisfied with your Status settings, you can set the status for any property.

  • To set the status for a property, click the menu to Select a Status Level. From the menu, select the status you want to set for the property.

Edit Status Settings

To change the Status labels for your business needs:

  1. In the Status area of the Property and Owner Profile, click Edit Status Settings.
    The Status Settings window is displayed with the default Status labels. You can change status labels to fit your needs.

    Status Settings window with Default Labels
  2. Select the label you want to change, and type your new Status label.

  3. When the Status settings are to your liking, click Update to change your Status settings.
    The settings are updated with your new labels.


The Activities area of the Property and Owner Profile displays all of the actions that have occured with/for the property.

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