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Making a List of Properties and Property Owners
Making a List of Properties and Property Owners

Use search criteria to find potential customers

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You create a list using search criteria to find new customers and deals, and identify possible opportunities. PropertyRadar Search criteria is powerful and unparalleled, giving you the control to grow your business in new ways with over 250 criteria. For a video overview, watch Discover a List of Potential Customers below.

Using Discover, you select criteria to narrow search results and find properties and property owners. Once you're satisfied with your search results, you can make a list to organize, manage, and use the information according to your business needs.

To Make a List

  1. From the Main Menu, select Discover.

    Main Menu
  2. Use the Search panel to find properties and property owners.
    You narrow-down results by choosing all the search criteria necessary to define the records you want returned.

  3. Start by selecting a location where you want to search for properties & owners.
    You can do one of the following to define a location:
    - Enter a City, County, or ZIP Code in the text field at the top of the panel. Once you begin typing, results below are narrowed accordingly. Select the correct location from the Results.
    - Select Location criteria using the Location categories.
    - Use the Draw Location Criteria tools to draw a polygon, box, draw a rectangle, set a radius around a point, or use the entire map.

    Use Search, Define Criteria, Make a List
  4. Define your search further using additional criteria selections.
    In the Search panel, add more criteria in the following ways:

    - Quick Lists: Pre-selected criteria make it easy to find lists for the market in which you're interested.
    Click Quick Lists to view the criteria category headings; then click the category of your interest. Drill-down until you get to the criteria you want, then click Add Criteria. You can modify Quick Lists to meet your needs by removing criteria, as explained below.

    - Type a Criteria Term: Quickly find a specific criteria from the 250+ available.
    At the bottom of the Search for Properties panel, type the term you want in the Find Criteria textbox. Once you begin typing, results below are narrowed accordingly; select the correct criteria from these results.

    - Click Criteria Categories: Look through the various categories to find the criteria you want.
    Click a category to drill-down and find the individual criteria. The main categories include: Location, Quick Lists, Property, Owner, Value & Equity, Property Tax, Loans & Liens, Foreclosure, Transfer, Listing, My Data, and Criteria from My Lists. You may need to open sub-categories to select/define the criteria you want. Click Add Criteria; your selected criteria are then added to the Criteria selection box.

    Add Search Criteria and Make a List Example

  5. As you select criteria, the Discover window changes to reflect your selections:
    - The number of properties shown in the Discover toolbar changes; adding criteria narrows-down the number of records.
    - Your criteria are shown in the Criteria selection box.
    - The results shows the number of properties with your selected criteria, displayed to the right of the Criteria selection box.

  6. Remove criteria by either:
    - Clicking the X in the Criteria selection box for the specific criteria you want to remove.
    - Removing all criteria in the Criteria selection box at once, by clicking the X outside the box, to the left of the results number.

  7. Click View to display the results of your criteria selections in either Map View, Grid View, Card View, or Split View.

  8. Double-click on a property to view it's Property and Owner Profile.

  9. Once you are satisfied with the criteria you select, you can (but don't have to) click the Make List button.
    - Type the name of your new List, (you can optionally select the checkbox to Add Monitoring, Insights & Automations), then click the Create button.
    - If you made a list using your search criteria results, it is displayed in the main window. You can also find your new list in My Lists.

If you do not make a list, the selected criteria is not saved.

Discover a List of Potential Customers Video

The following video provides an overview using the previous (but similar) version of PropertyRadar. You can gain a general understanding of the power of using Explore and Search features together by watching:

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