PropertyRadar alerts and automations keep you notified of additions and changes to your lists, allowing you to integrate with other systems, and automate certain actions. 

First, navigate from the Main menu to My Lists and you’ll see List Cards for the lists that you’ve already built... on the ‘Automations’ button on one of your lists.


There are two ways to trigger automations...

First, ‘New match added to my list’ -  this occurs either when you manually add a property to a list, or when a property now matches your criteria that didn’t before.

The second type of notification is when ‘Something changes on your existing list’...

Changes include a property having a new transfer, loan, listing, or foreclosure. Or when there is a change in listing status, listing price, or foreclosure status. 


Once you’ve selected your triggers, it’s time to select your actions. You can choose any combination of 3 action types - alerts, integrations or manage properties. 

There are 3 types of alert actions:

Daily summary email

A daily summary email that combines all the alerts for a day into a single email. This is the best option if you just want to stay informed, but don’t need to take immediate action.

Immediate email

An immediate email will notify you separately for each alert as soon as it happens. Be careful though, it’s easy to create lists with lots of notifications.

Mobile notifications

Mobile notifications which we recommend as they’ll make sure you get all the information you need, immediately, right on your phone.


We currently offer Integrations to over 1500 other applications through Zapier, a 3rd party integration service. For more information, visit our Zapier Help Center.

Manage Actions

Manage actions allows you to automatically do certain tasks, including:

  1. Setting a ‘Status’ such as ‘contact owner’ or ‘research title’,  allowing you to automate your workflow, 

  2. Set an interest level,

  3. or add the property to another list. 

Once you have selected your triggers and actions, don’t forget to enable your automation by checking the box.

Recent Alerts

Your ‘Recent Alerts’ are available in the right panel, allowing you to review exactly what has been sent. This is especially useful if you aren’t getting alerts and you think you should. Be sure to check this list and your email spam folder before contacting support.

Alerts and automations make it so much easier to monitor your lists and take action!

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