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The Phone Marketing Overview provides general and WAVV subscription information for using PropertyRadar phone marketing tools. One of the actions available with WAVV Messenger, and Bundle subscriptions, is to Send Text Messages.

Text messaging only works with mobile phone numbers, and with PropertyRadar you can filter your Lists according to contacts with mobile numbers. Text marketing is only available to those that have consented to receiving texts.

Using the WAVV Messenger with PropertyRadar, you can send both one-on-one texts, and bulk text messages. Bulk messaging allows you to send one message to multiple contacts, and you can even personalize bulk messages for each contact. By personalizing your text message you can communicate one-on-one with contacts.

First set up WAVV Messenger for your business needs, then you can use PropertyRadar with WAVV Messenger to connect with prospects.

Quick View

Check out an example of how you can use the Messenger in PropertyRadar:

Setting Up Messenger

After subscribing to WAVV and unlocking phone numbers, you'll want to set Messenger up according to your needs. Watch the Messenger Setup video below for an overview.

Step through the initial process:

  1. After choosing to Send Text Messages from your PropertyRadar List, you can click Start Messaging Now in the WAVV Welcome Screen:

  2. The WAVV Terms of Service window provides the detailed agreement of your subscription:

    Click the I Agree button to continue with your text marketing.

  3. Select a unique texting number by entering the area code for the number you want. Options are provided for your unique WAVV Texting number. Select the number you want, then click the Select Number button.

    The Verify your personal phone number window is then displayed.

  4. Enter your personal number where calls made to your WAVV texting number should be forwarded, then click the Send Text button.

    After verifying your phone number, the WAVV Messenger window is displayed:

  5. Use the Messenger window to send text messages. You can also continue setting up the WAVV Messenger for your specific phone marketing activities before sending texts.

Messenger Setup Video

For tips on the setting up WAVV Messenger, watch the Messenger Setup video:

Activity Settings

Several phone marketing activities are available in Messenger to use to address your business needs, including Sending Blast Deliveries, Using a Dedicated Number, Scheduling Messages, Including Attachments, and Setting Up and Using Templates.

Sending Blast Deliveries

After setting up Messenger and unlocking phone numbers, you can send individual messages to multiple recipients, with a maximum of 100 recipients.

  1. In the Grid View of your List, select the recipients to whom you want to send a text.

  2. From the Actions menu, select Send Text Messages, and choose to send text to Primary Contact or All Contacts.
    The WAVV Messenger window opens with the recipients mobile numbers in the To field.

  3. Click the down arrow next to the To field, to view or remove recipients.

  4. Write your message, and make sure the other Messenger functions are set according to your needs. Then, click Preview.
    The Preview window displays a list of the text message that will be sent to each recipient.

  5. When you are satisfied with your text blast, click the Send Messages button.

Using a Dedicated Number

When you set up Messenger, you select a dedicated text messaging number for your WAVV texts. Carrier limitations prevent using your own phone number.

You will be emailed when a user replies to your text message, so that you can respond promptly.

To view your phone numbers associated with your WAVV account:

  • Open the Settings window.
    The Phone Numbers tab is selected by default. Your account phone numbers are shown:

  • Edit your call forwarding number, by selecting the down arrow under the Call Forwarding heading.

  • Add a new number to your account by clicking the Add Personal Number button

Scheduling Messages

Schedule text messages to be sent at a future date or time.

  1. In the Messenger window, type the text you want to send.

  2. On the left side of the Send button, click the Calendar icon:

    The Scheduler is displayed:

  3. Select the time and date you want the text(s) to be sent; then, click Schedule.
    The message will be delivered at the scheduled time.

Including Attachments

In the Messenger window, you can include attachments (like a photo), with your text message.

  1. Click the Attachments icon in your message:

  2. In your finder/file window, select your attachment.

Setting Up and Using Templates

Save time by setting up messages once to use again and again with a template.

  1. Select Templates to open the Templates window:

  2. Enter a Template Name.

  3. Enter your message template, where you can add Contact Fields when selected:

Other functionality available with WAVV subscriptions include Making Calls, and Sending Voicemails.

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