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Phone Marketing Overview

Automate connections

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Update on WAVV Ringless Voicemail feature:

As of January 2024, Ringless Voicemail is no longer offered and is unavailable on any WAVV subscription.

You can connect with property owners on the phone using PropertyRadar, and you can differentiate between mobile and landline phone numbers, which takes phone marketing to a powerful new level. When you unlock phone numbers for Primary or All Contacts in PropertyRadar, you can connect with potential and current customers in your List.

You can use your unlocked phone numbers in PropertyRadar, in conjunction with a WAVV subscription, to boost your phone marketing to the next level with the available tools, including:

  • Make Calls using advanced calling; with softphone, voicemail drop, and power dialing; as well as multi-line power dialer options.

  • Send Text Messages to one or multiple phone numbers, and personalize your message.

Use these tools in conjunction with PropertyRadar, and free up more time with automation. And, easily make smart connections with current and potential customers. Remember, with these privileges, come responsibilities; see the PropertyRadar User Agreement and the WAVV Terms of Service for important review.

Subscribing to WAVV

PropertyRadar features and pricing provides the most up-to-date subscription information. Although, a WAVV subscription is separate from your PropertyRadar subscription.

The initial time you select a phone marketing activity to either Make Calls, Send Voicemails, or Send Text Messages, a WAVV dialog box is displayed that allows you to set up a WAVV subscription. The subscription options vary depending on the phone marketing activity you selected. The tool will walk you through the subscription process. After subscribing, watch the Initial Setup video to see how you might setup your WAVV account.

You can choose from Standalone or Combination packages that fit your phone marketing needs, to use in conjunction with your PropertyRadar subscription. You can also purchase Add Ons for your WAVV subscription.

Standalone Packages

  • Dialer

  • Messenger

Combination Packages

  • Phone Bundle
    Dialer Minutes and Text Messages; plus Call Recording and Smart Voicemail Drop.

  • Power Bundle
    Dialer Minutes and Text Messages; plus Call Recording, Smart Voicemail Drop, and Multi-Line Power Dialer.

Subscription Process

To begin subscribing to WAVV:

  1. From the Account Settings > Subscription window, click the WAVV Dialer, Ringless, or Messenger link in the Current Subscription panel.

    Or open your List, and use either the Actions menu items or the Phone Numbers box in a Card, to select Make Calls, Send Text Messages, or Send Voicemails.

    Depending on the link/activity you choose, the related WAVV subscription window opens.

  2. Click Free 3 day trial to view subscription options.

  3. Scroll to see options available, then click the Free 3 day trial button for the subscription you want:

  4. Provide your contact and credit card information and click the blue button.
    The Purchase Complete window is displayed:

  5. Click the Continue to Terms of Service button, to display, scroll through, and review the important WAVV Terms of Service:

  6. Click the I Agree button.
    The Verify your personal phone number window is displayed:

  7. Enter your personal phone number for WAVV verification, then click the Send Text button. A text is sent to your phone with a WAVV confirmation code. Enter that code in the box, and click the Confirm button.
    Your WAVV subscription is set up, next setup WAVV to use with PropertyRadar.

Unsubscribing from WAVV

  1. To unsubscribe from WAVV, select WAVV Settings, then select the Subscriptions tab.
    Your current subscription is highlighted, and displays your next payment date. The credit card and email address associated with your account is provided, as well as the other available subscription plans. You can change subscription plans by clicking Select for the plan you want.

  2. In your current subscription plan, click the Cancel button.

If you cancel your PropertyRadar subscription, and you are subscribed to WAVV, you will also need to cancel your WAVV subscription. You can continue to use your purchased WAVV minutes/texts/time throughout your remaining PropertyRadar subscription time.

Initial Setup Video

Watch the Initial Setup video to get tips on the most important settings to update when using WAVV for the first time:

Accessing Phone Marketing Tools in PropertyRadar

After subscribing to WAVV, the tool is embedded in the PropertyRadar web app. Your options within PropertyRadar to Make Calls, Send Voicemails, and Send Text Messages will depend on your subscription.

After creating a List, you can choose phone marketing options from the ...Actions menu, or by clicking the phone icon for a contact in a Card or Grid/Split views. After selecting the option you want, either Make Calls, Send Text Messages, or Send Voicemails, the option to subscribe to WAVV is initiated. After subscribing, the available activity link you select, initiates the WAVV embedded tool.

From the Actions Menu

To access the WAVV subscription process and its functionality, open your List that you want to use for phone marketing, and click the ...Actions menu. The options are provided in the menu:

After unlocking the phone numbers, you can select the WAVV option you want, either: Make Calls, Send Voicemails, or Send Text Messages to begin your phone marketing campaign.

Using a Card

You can use a card to access the WAVV subscription and phone marketing functionality. After you unlock phone numbers, WAVV phone marketing activities are available using the Card accessed from one of the following locations within the web app:

  • From the Card View in a List, click the green phone icon

  • From the Map View, click a property to display a card in which you can click the green phone icon

By clicking the green phone icon, the Phone Numbers box is displayed:

The phone icons indicate the phone type:

The available phone marketing activities using WAVV include:

Using the Grid or Split Views

Another way to access a WAVV subscription and its functionality, is by opening your List that you want to use for phone marketing, and use the Grid or Split views.

When you have the Phone column set to display (using the Column settings), you can select the phone icon to open the Phone Numbers box (shown above) with the phone marketing activities.

Smart Connections

There are several ways PropertyRadar allows you to work smoothly in connecting with prospects and customers. Review below for details on differentiating between mobile and landline numbers, setting phone status, setting call outcome, filter for phone marketing, and the Do Not Call list.

Differentiate Between Mobile and Landline

PropertyRadar is unique in allowing you to get the phone number you need for your business connections. You can select to unlock and use mobile phone numbers and/or landline phone numbers. This feature provides a powerful differentiator, allowing you to use phone marketing in a way that works for your business and customers' needs.

The places in PropertyRadar where you can select the phone purchase preferences include:

  • Unlock/Purchase Phones
    When you unlock phone numbers for the contacts in your List, you can choose to purchase only contacts with mobile phones by selecting Has Mobile.

  • Export Purchase
    When you export property and contact information, you can select in the Purchase Summary of the Complete Export window, a Phone Append option. After selecting Phone Append, you have the option to only include contacts with mobile phones by selecting Has Mobile.

  • Mobile App
    In a property profile Contacts window, you can tap Unlock Phone purchase the phone number(s) for a contact.

Set Phone Status

Another way to manage your connections with PropertyRadar in conjunction with WAVV, is by keeping track of the results of your call using the Set Phone Status menu accessed from the Phone Numbers popup.

  • Select the item for the results of your call: Primary, Opted Out, Wrong Person, Disconnected, Do Not Call, or Delete.

Set Call Outcome

You can set the Outcome Status of your phone marketing.

  • After making a call using the Dialer, when you Hangup the call, a Call Outcome popup is displayed:

  • From the Call Outcome menu, you can choose from the following options: Call Completed, Call Left Message, Call No Answer, Call Received, Wrong Person, Disconnected, or Do Not Call.

  • You can also select a Status, add to a List, or add a Note.

  • After you click Save, the Outcome is shown in your Activity panel in the Property and Owner Profile.

Filter for Phone Marketing

Use the Filter menu in your List to narrow down your results based on phone marketing activities.

  1. Select the Action on which you want to filter your results: Most Recent Call, Most Recent Text, or Most Recent Voicemail.
    The time range menu is displayed.

  2. Select the time range for which you want to filter your List.
    Your List will reflect that selection after processing the filter.

Do Not Call List

As a way of helping you comply with the WAVV Terms of Service, and the PropertyRadar User Agreement and Good Marketing Pledge, as well as applicable laws and regulations, you can use the Do Not Call (DNC) List feature. By adding a number to your Do Not Call List, you can avoid contacting them in the future.

  1. Open the WAVV Settings, and select the DNC List tab. Click Add Number.

  2. Enter the phone number to add to your DNC List, then click Add.

    The number is added to your DNC list.

Review the WAVV FAQ and WAVV Settings articles for more specifics on using their products.

For further information on using PropertyRadar Phone Marketing with WAVV options, see:

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