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Using Direct Mail in PropertyRadar
Using Direct Mail in PropertyRadar
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Direct Mail for PropertyRadar

An integrated direct mail feature allows you to send direct mail to your prospects within the PropertyRadar platform. Additionally, we can offer direct mail automation by having the data and direct mail service in the platform.

For Consideration Before Using Direct Mail

PropertyRadar also provides the Brand Center, which facilitates the use of your own business' brand in your marketing materials, such as Direct Mail. Within the Brand Center, you set up your business's Brand Info and Brand Style features to use with the variety of your marketing strategies. Although you don't have to set up your Brands Center, keeping a consistent marketing message in your Direct Mail campaigns can be advantageous to building your business brand.

Package and Availability for Direct Mail

  • All PropertyRadar packages include Direct Mail

  • Owners, Admins, and Members can use Direct Mail; Members can only use an available balance.

How to send Direct Mail

Creating your Direct Mail campaign using PropertyRadar, you'll step through the process using the following windows:

Who is your audience for Direct Mail marketing?

The first step to start marketing through Direct Mail is to decide which audience you wish to reach using Direct Mail.

For multi-property Direct Mail Marketing

Using the Connect and Automations features, you can start a bulk Direct Mail marketing outreach. Go to your My Lists page using the triple-bar (≡) menu at the top left and choose a list to start marketing using Direct Mail.

  • Connect: The Connect menu provides the ability to send direct mail to every record in the list you've chosen. Select Connect>Direct Mail.

  • Automations: For monitored lists, automate personalized direct mail each time automation is triggered. Learn more about how to set up Automations for Direct Mail here: Automations for Direct Mail

For single property Direct Mail Marketing

You can also send a one-off direct mail piece to a single property. Click on the three-dots menu (…) to find the Direct Mail action in the following places:

  • Property Profile: Find the menu at the top right within a property profile.

  • My List View: After clicking to view any list, you can use the menu associated with any property.

  • Discover View: After searching using criteria, you can use the menu associated with any property.

Once you have chosen your audience, click Next Step to move to customize your template.


The first step section in the Direct Mail menu gives you two options for selecting the template you want to use for your Direct Mail order. You can design your own template from scratch or purchase one from our Marketplace.

Option 1: Design a New Template: Create a new template from scratch using our online editor.

Option 2: Get a Template from the Marketplace: Use the Marketplace to find customized templates from the Propertyradar community and use them for your next Direct Marketing outreach.

  • Open the PropertyRadar Marketplace to select a predesigned template.

  • After purchasing a template from the marketplace, click "Load Templates from the Marketplace" under Option 3 to choose that template.

Option 3: Select an Existing Template: Choose a template already in the menu or load a template purchased in the Marketplace.

Once you have chosen a template, click Next Step to move to customize your template.


From the Customize section, you can edit, add variables, and preview your design through a hi-res image that will be sent to the printer for mailing.

You may need to include variables on the Customize page for your template. There are two reasons why you may need to update variables on this page:

  1. The template you choose may include variables pulled from the Brand Center. Make sure to fill out the information in the Brand Center to avoid this from reoccurring.

  2. The template you choose may require an update to customized variables outside the Brand Center information.

Finally, you can edit your template to make any additional changes.

Once you are done customizing your template, click Next Step to decide which contact you want your Direct Mail order to address.


The Address section lets you decide what contact you wish to address your Direct Mail to and the font for the address.

There are two options for selecting the address: You'll need to decide between Primary Contact or Assessed Owner for either option. (Please note: The "Primary Contact" is the full name of the primary contact associated with the property, while the "Assessed Owner" is the primary owner as provided by the county assessor. The "Assessed Owner" may include more than one person or entity.)

  • Option 1: Send to owner mailing (tax) address: This is the address where the property tax bill is mailed and is the best address to use when trying to reach the property owner.

  • Option 2: Send to property address: This is the best address to use when trying to reach the person who lives at or occupies the property. This may or may not be the property owner.

    • If the property is non-owner occupied, select one of the following as the “addressee.”

      • Occupant

      • Resident

      • Tenant

      • Lessee

  • Select the font for the name & address: Lastly, you can select a font that will provide a preview of what it will look like on your Direct Mail piece.

Once you decide which contact you want your Direct Mail order to address, click Next Step to get your purchase summary and submit your order.


Finally, the Summary section will summarize your order, allow you to add to your Balance if necessary, and process your order.

The Purchase Summary includes the "Address" and "Recipient," so please verify these are the ones you want your Direct Mail order sent to. Additionally, the Purchase Summary includes removed duplicate, unknown, or undeliverable properties. Keep in mind this does not include properties that USPS is unable to deliver to after your order.

Pricing & Plans



Solo & Legacy


4x6 Postcard





6x9 Postcard





If the total cost exceeds your Current Balance, click Add to Balance.

  1. The Add to Balance window is displayed.

  2. In the Amount to Add field, type the dollar amount you want to add.

  3. The New Balance displays the sum of your Current Balance and the Amount to Add.

  4. If needed, select your source of payment from the source menu. Click Pay.

Once you have reviewed and agreed with the terms for your order, you can click "Pay & Send," and your order will be processed.

All unlocks and purchases are final and non-refundable for Direct Mail. Your design, especially colors, may appear differently in print than previewed on your monitor. Additionally, USPS may be unable to deliver some mail pieces, and you will still be responsible for the cost of mailing those undelivered pieces. Additionally, please look over our Good Neighbor Marketing Pledge to stay consistent with our User Agreement.

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