Quickly lookup a person or property by selecting Discover from the Main menu.

After you select Discover from the Main menu, click Lookup, if it's not already selected.

Lookup a Person or Property Image with Callouts

To Lookup a Person or Property:ย 

  1. Click the Lookup menu to select how you want to lookup a person or property. Your options include:
    - Owner Name (default): In the text field below, Enter First Last, or Company name. You can, but don't have to, limit your results by Location.
    - Phone: In the text field below, Enter Phone with area code and number in the format 888-333-3333
    - Email: In the text field below, Enter the Email address you want to lookup.
    - Site Address: In the text field below, type in the Site Address information to lookup. You can provide partial information, for options from which to select.
    - Mail Address: In the text field below, type in the Mail Address information to lookup. You can provide partial information, for options from which to select.
    - APN: In the text field below, Enter the Full or Partial Assessor's Parcel Number including dashes. Select a location where you want to Limit the search.
    - RadarID: In the text field below, enter the RadarID you want to find.

  2. You can enter more than one of the following in Bulk Lookup:
    - Owner Name
    - Phone
    - Email
    - APN
    - RadarID

  3. Click Lookup.
    The results are displayed. Learn about using your search results below.

Using Your Search Results

After clicking Lookup, the Discover window displays:

Lookup Results with Callouts


After clicking the Lookup button, the Discover window displays:

  • The number of results from your Lookup, and

  • The actual results in the View you choose to display. By double-clicking on a property, you can view the Property and Owner Profile.

Make List

After getting the results from your Lookup, you can click the Make List button to create a Dynamic List. Dynamic lists are updated automatically when Monitored; if a Dynamic list is Unmonitored, the list is updated according to the search criteria, once opened.

  1. Once you click Make List, the Make a Dynamic List window is displayed.

  2. Type your List Name in the text field.

  3. Select the checkbox if you want to add Monitoring, Insights & Automations for this list.

  4. Click Create to make your list.
    You can now find it in My Lists using the Main menu.

... Actions Menu

When you select the ... Actions menu, depending on your subscription plan, you can choose from the following options:

  • Add to List

  • Remove from List

  • Set Interest Level

  • Set Status

  • Add Note

  • Direct Mail

  • Mailing Labels

  • Mailing Merge

  • Purchase Emails

  • Purchase Phones

  • Email Report

  • Print Report

After selecting the action you want to make on the record, a corresponding window steps you through the action.

Change View Menu

The results of your Lookup can be displayed in:

  • Map View

  • Grid View

  • Card View

  • Split View

Choose your preference from the View menu:

Whether you are in Map, Grid, Card, or Split view, you can get further details about a person or property by double-clicking on a property. Your Property and Owner Profile record is then displayed.

Video Overview

Review the following video for an overview of finding a person or property, learning more about them, or how to connect in person, by phone, email, or social media. With recent product releases, minor changes in the UI are different than the video below.

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